“… It is important that you understand balanced spiritual development in Integral meditation. For this reason, we will go over the role of Nada Yoga in spiritual development. We have explicated Nada Yoga practice in greater depth in our workshop, “The Way of the Heart.” We will review and build upon those insights here.”


Focus attention on the spirit through visualization, mantramic repetition, or feeling the essence of your spirit.

Contemplate at the seat of the spirit, bringing the attention into union with the spirit. Repeat your contemplative mantra to increase awareness.

Through absorption, the spirit enters the inner channels of the Nada. It opens the blocked areas in these channels to the level of the ensouling entity. Do this for light and sound, or any other channels present in the domain in which you work.


“It is important for you to recognize which spiritual focus is linked with your current stage of spiritual evolution. The steps to this recognition include the following:”

1. Identify the cutting edge of your spiritual development. Gain union with your ensouling entity at this level.

2. Gain the ability to unite with this ensouling entity at will.

3. Discern in which band of the Great Continuum of Consciousness your ensouling entity dwells, and identify the spirit linked with this stage of development.

4. Focus your attention on that spiritual focus to awaken your spirit.

5. Practice Nada Yoga to open the channels of the Nada at this location. Open each channel of the Nada to a corresponding level.

6. In the first four spiritual foci [see table below], the opening of the Nada aligns with the ensouling entity, but does not unfold it. At these levels it does not act as a transformational technique.

In the highest eight spiritual foci, the opening of the Nada unfolds the ensouling entity. Here it does act as a transformational technique.

7. You repeat this process with each new expansion of spiritual potentials for your ensouling entity, e.g., when you undergo initiation, in the first four domains.

You accelerate the process of initiation in the eight highest domains by opening the associated channels of the Nada, aligning each channel of the Nada with a corresponding Nadamic tone.

“The relationship of the stage of spiritual evolution of your ensouling entity to the spiritual domains is shown below:”

Domain Number

Corresponding Bands of the GCC

Extent of Domain


Lower Subtle

Pineal center in the Subconscious mind to the Kumara Loka of the Lower Subtle Realm


Upper Subtle

Cave yogi center to the Illuminati stage at the top of the Subtle Realm


Lower Planetary

Castle center to the Superphysical Adept Stage at the top of the Second Planetary Initiation


Upper Planetary, Transplanetary, and Lower Cosmic

Capstone of the pyramid center to the Light Master stage of the Second Cosmic Initiation


Upper Cosmic, Supracosmic, and The Bridge path

Yoni lingam center to the top of the Bridge Path

6 through 12

Seven Transcendental Paths

From the seat of the spirit in each path to its origin in the Sat Guru or Perfect Master stage


“Opening of the Nada by the spirit (udgit) is facilitated by the indwelling presence of the spiritual guide. The spirit must open this path to the stage where it contacts the guide. Then the spirit gains union with the guide form. Then the spirit and the guide travel together towards the Source of the spirit. This ultimately results in the permanent union of the spirit with its origin. At this final stage the spirit is transformed into a Nadamic Master for that domain.”


“Through inquiry, self-examination and contemplation, answer the following questions. Inquire until you have clear understanding of each facet of this process.”

What is the cutting edge of your spirituality?

What spiritual focus is associated with that cutting edge of spirituality?

What visualization, mantra, and feeling are associated with this spirit?

How far have you opened the Nada in this domain?

How is your ensouling entity’s presence represented on the path of the Nada in this domain?

At what point are the Nadamic Path and your ensouling entity in perfect alignment?

How do you verify that your spirit is progressing through the unopened channels of the Nada?

What is this spirit’s origin?

“Full mastery of each aspect of this process will lead you to become a Nadamic Master.”

“Contemplate Nada Yoga practice until you fully understand it. Practice Nada Yoga until you can fully master your spiritual domain and can act as a guide for others.”


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