New World Order


The following report on “The Power of the British Commonwealth Over the World” began when I was at the WTO meeting in Cancun in September 2003. There, several African countries held a press briefing in which they said that they would starve if America and other rich countries did not open their cotton and agricultural markets to them. I asked several questions about their vast natural resources (gold and strategic minerals) and if they had any monies left over after their World Bank loans were paid. They refused to answer. Afterward I spoke to each one and asked the following questions and received the same response. Since they were Commonwealth members, I asked if they could go to Britain for help. They could not. So I then asked why they don’t withdraw from the Commonwealth if there is no help. With great alarm, they told me they could not withdraw from this voluntary association. When I returned home, I called the British Information Office to see if they could tell me if the countries which Britain de-colonized in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s received a vote at the UN at the time of separation. The lady told me she would have to research my very good question. She called the next day to tell me that every time a country was granted independence from Britain, they were given a vote at the UN. Bingo!

I have always questioned how Britain would regain control of America when they were defeated by Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in 1812. Are we so naive to think that they would not try some other way to “capture the world”? In the past ten years, as I have covered the UN, I have been amazed at the number of suggestions and key reports that come from the British which influence UN policy. So, just how much power does Britain have in the world today?

The first book that I wrote is ‘Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince’ which has to do with the role of the British Royal Family as the power behind the United Nations. This book asserts that the British ARE the power behind the United Nations. This opinion has not changed since I wrote Prince Charles. The prince is a key, behind-the-scenes mover and shaker and is responsible for the radical environmental agenda that perverts Genesis 1, 2, and 3 and puts the earth above man and not man above the earth as God intended. When I wrote Prince Charles, I was not aware of the information you are now going to read.

A Brief History of Britain

The following is taken from the Internet site, “britania,” and is from ‘England, A Narrative History’ by Peter N. Williams. What I have tried to do is to show the aggressiveness of this little island nation and its role in the world today. Some of the sub-titles are my interpretation of the material reprinted.

Early History

The Celtic culture in Early Britain developed about 1000 BC and came from Gaul, driven from their homelands by the Romans who invaded in 55BC under Julius Caesar. In 43 AD an expedition was ordered against Britain by Emperor Claudius who sent an army of 40,000 men. The Romans established their bases in what is known as Kent and subdued much of Britain in less than 40 years. They remained for nearly 400 years. After the Romans left, England entered a dark period. By 314 an organized Christian Church seems to have been established in most of Britain. By 410 Britain had become self-governing in three parts. In 597 St. Augustine was sent to convert the pagan English by Pope Gregory. Ethelbert had married Bertha, daughter of the Merovingian King and was practicing Christianity. The first Anglo-Saxon kingdom in Britain was an Anglo-Celtic kingdom. In 726, Aethelbold called himself “King of Britain” while his son Offa called himself “king of all the English.” For several hundred years, various kings in various part of Britain tried to gain control. In 896, Alfred occupied London. He was born in 849 and became King of Wessex in 871. Due to his battles with the Danes, he succeeded in becoming the first king of England. Throughout the 8th century, the Danes, Norwegians, Scandinavians, and British fought as to who would have power and control. The Normans invaded England in order to secure the throne for William of Normandy who was crowned King of England at Westminster on Christmas Day, 1066. With him, came feudalism and a new aristocracy. By 1086, other than small-estate holders, there were in the whole of the land only two Englishmen holding estates of any dimension. William insisted that landowners who had land from the king produce a set quota of mounted knights which produced a new ruling class in England. In this system, those at the bottom suffered most, losing all their rights as free men and coming to be regarded as mere property, assets belonging to the manor.

Feudalistic Sustainable Development

Further restrictions and hardship came from William’s New Forest laws and his vast extension of new royal forests in which all hunting rights belonged to the king. The peasantry was deprived of a valuable food source in times of bad harvests. In 1080, the “Domesday Book” was begun and was an attempt to provide the king with every penny to which he was legally entitled. It worked only too well, reckoning the wealth of England, “Down to the last pig.” William sent his men into every village and had them find out how many hides there were, what land and cattle the king should have in the country, and what dues he ought to have in twelve months from the town or village [JV: Does this sound like sustainable development and the UN Biological Diversity Treaty?].

From the rule of the Plantagenet’s to Richard the Lionhearted and the Crusades to King John who was forced to sign the “Great Magna Carta” in Runnymede on June 15, 1215, to Edward I, Longshanks to Henry VIII and to Queen Elizabeth I, the British kings and queens were concerned with holding on to the power of the monarchy.

As a result of the defeat of the Spanish Armada by Elizabeth I and her long reign, England saw remarkable economic growth and a time of calm from her chaotic past. Industry and trade prospered under the guidance of men like Secretary Cecil, later Lord Burghley. [JV: It should be noted that Lord Burghley perfected torture techniques and the secret police.] During her reign, many of the Dutch bankers and capitalists from Antwerp flocked to London to find a new and more secure international money and credit market. That year Thomas Gresham opened the Royal Exchange in London to make it the financial capital of the world. Cecil encouraged the fishing industry, the source of England’s navy and backbone of its sea power. English sailors began their mastery of the world’s oceans. Though little more than pirates, these seamen laid the foundations of their nation’s naval superiority which was to last for centuries. John Cabot discovered Newfoundland in 1497, Martin Frobisher established trade with Moscow in 1555 to trade with Russia. Sir Francis Drake searched the world for treasures.

Key British Economic and Trade Concepts In 1694, the Bank of England was formed by a private stock company which raised their own funds and issued their own money to be lent to the government “in perpetuity.” This started the concept of “central banking.” Then a group of merchants and sea captains at Lloyd’s Coffee House in 1688 formed marine insurance which would underwrite enormous expenditures in overseas ventures and shipping. On May 26, 1698, Parliament came up with the idea of granting monopolies in trade by an act of Parliament. This act created the East India Company. This company, with the newly formed Bank of England showed only too well the growing power of the British traders and financiers over the state government (emphasis added). [JV: This is very key for they still rule the world today.]

As a result of the East India Trading Company, the trading classes were able to control parliament. It became one of the ever-increasing problems for the country’s government: the interference of trade with legislation and administration was to become an inevitable part of the future.

In 1496, John and Sebastian Cabot discovered Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. England’s own era of exploration, initiated by the Cabots, was expanded by the journeys of Hugh Willoughby to seek a Northeast Passage to China and the spice trade. He reached Moscow by way of the White Sea and Archangel in 1553. As a result, the Muscovy Company was founded by Richard Chancellor to trade with Russia in 1555. Then John Hawkins, who began his career high-jacking Portuguese and Spanish ships in 1562, led to England’s entering the Slave Trade. David Ingram explored from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada and reported finding vines with grapes as large as a man’s thumb. English mariner Francis Drake undertook his daring voyage of 1572 to capture the Spanish treasure fleet returning from Peru, a feat surpassed by his even greater haul one year later.

In 1580, Drake arrived back in Plymouth having circumnavigated the globe in the Pelican, renamed the Golden Hind after the gallant ship had passed through the Straits of Magellan. Drake was knighted by the Queen after capturing the richest prize ever taken at sea. In 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh established a colony in Roanoke, Virginia. One year later, Chesapeake Bay was discovered by Ralph Lane and Davis Strait by John Davis.

In 1585, the first oriental spice to be grown in the New World, Jamaican ginger, arrived in Europe. In 1586, Sir Richard Cavendish became the third man to circumnavigate the globe when the ship the Desire reached England after a voyage of over two years. When the Portuguese closed its spice market in Lisbon to Dutch and English traders, the Dutch East India Company was created to obtain spices directly from the Orient. In 1600, the Honorable East India Company was chartered to make annual voyages to the Indies and to challenge Dutch control of the spice trade.

After James I made peace with Spain in 1604, he re-directed England’s efforts at colonizing North America and the Plymouth and London companies sent ships and colonists. Jamestown, Virginia was founded in 1607. That same year, Henry Hudson sought a route to China and sailed around the Eastern Short of Greenland. In 1610, Hudson’s ship Discovery reached the strait later to be known as Hudson Bay, Canada. In 1620, the Mayflower arrived off Cape Cod with 100 Pilgrims. In 1628, John Endicott arrived as the first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. In 1632, Maryland received its charger by a grant from King Charles to Cecil Calvert. In 1655, Admiral Penn captured Jamaica from the Spanish. In 1654, New Amsterdam was renamed New York after its capture from the Dutch. A year later, the New Jersey Colony was founded by English colonists. The 1674 Treaty of Westminster returned New York and Delaware to England. In 1681, Pennsylvania had its beginning in the land grant given to William Penn. In 1698, William Dampier sailed on his Pacific expedition to explore the West Coast of Australia.

In 1648, South Africa came to attention of Europeans when a Dutch ship broke up and the survivors urged authorities to establish a settlement for provisioning their East India fleets. In 1652, a small group of Dutch settlers founded Cape Town. In 1815, Britain gained its long-desired “half-way house” on the sea route to India when the Dutch ceded the Cape of Good Hope. The British arrived in 1820. When diamonds were discovered in the Orange Free State, the Boer War began. Then gold was discovered in the Transvaal in 1886. Cecil Rhodes who founded the De Beers Mining Corporation in 1880 was determined that the riches being discovered in South Africa were not going to the Boer farmers. Rhodes dreamed of extending British rule in Africa. Using his great wealth, amassed in the diamond and gold fields, Rhodes with other imperialists established British colonies to the north of the Boer territories. Both Northern and Southern Rhodesia were granted charters by London. Eventually the Boer republics were annexed to the British crown in 1900.

The South Sea company founded in 1711 had acquired a monopoly in the lucrative Spanish slave trade and other trading ventures in South America.

At the Treaty of Paris in 1763, Britain gained Canada, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, the right to navigate the Mississippi, the West Indian Islands of Grenada, St. Vincent, Dominica and Tobago in the West Indies; Florida (from Spain); Senegal in Africa and the preservation in India of the East India Company’s monopoly, and in Europe, Minorca.

In India, Robert Clive defeated pro-French forces at Arcot in 1751 thus helping his East India Company monopolize appoints, finances, land and power. The British victory led to the withdrawal of the French East India Company. Then Clive defeated the local Nabob at Plassey to become virtual ruler of Bengal and opened up much of the country to further exploitation and control by the East India Company. India was regarded as the “jewel in the crown” of the British Empire; over two thirds of the vast sub-continent was ruled by the East India Company. Its finances and its troops were used to protect British interests, even overthrowing native Indian princes.

In 1769, Captain Cook discovered a country that consisted of two main islands, it was called New Zealand. In 1770, he explored the eastern coast of what was then called “New Holland.” He took possession of the island continent in the name of George III. Britain had found a new empire, Australia to resettle criminals and to accommodate early settlers to help with the overpopulation in Britain which the agricultural and industrial revolutions had contributed to. In 1822, an article by James Mill on “colonization” in the “Encyclopedia Britannica” offered emigration as a remedy for over-population.

Between 1768 and 1781, Captain Cook made three exploratory voyages to the West Coast of Canada. Because the Chinese were interested in receiving fur in exchange for the tea, silks and porcelain which was in demand in Europe, the British went further west. In 1788, a group of English traders settled on Vancouver Island. Spain still claimed the whole West Coast of America up to Alaska but after a confrontation at Vancouver between the two countries, England presented an ultimatum to the Spanish whose lack of allies and an effective navy forced them to accept its terms. The Spanish recognition of British trading and fishing rights in the area opened the way for the establishment of British Columbia and the creation of a British North America. In 1867, the British North America Act united Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Dominion of Canada.

When Admiral Nelson defeated a combined French and Spanish fleet near Gibraltar in 1805, the long struggle between Britain and France for world supremacy ended. English soldiers were involved in a war with China over British export of opium from India in exchange for silks and tea. When China forbade the opium trade and fired on a British warship, they were bombarded by a Royal Navy squadron. The Opium War ended with the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 that opened up five “Treaty Ports” for trade and gave Hong Kong to Britain.

Britain’s rise to a world power meant that she found interest everywhere. Not only was she now head of the self-governing colonies such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, but also the vast Empire of India and a veritable host of dependent territories all over the world’s oceans. Most of these had been acquired somehow to protect the merchants and traders of England. On the following page, you will find a chart of British interference and domination in the affairs of the world.

Observations of Commonwealth Countries While I could make numerous observations about the various countries that comprise the Commonwealth countries, I would like to offer the following:

1. There is an interesting mix between extremely wealthy countries such as Australia, Canada, Brunei, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and UAE versus the Highly Indebted Poor Countries-HIPC such as Bangladesh, Mozambique, Uganda and the Sudan.

Many of the HIPC have vast mineral resources which are used to pay for World Bank loans instead of building infrastructure. Please refer to Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince. For example:

Ghana – Rich in gold, bauxite, manganese, diamonds

Guyana – Rich in bauxite, manganese, gold, diamonds

Mauritania – Iron and copper ore

Senegal – Petroleum refining

Sierra Leone – Diamonds, chrome, bauxite and iron ore

Uganda – Copper and cobalt

Tanzania – Rich in gold, diamonds and coal

Zambia – Rich in copper.

2. By the number of countries that the British invaded, ruled and plundered, you can see that “the sun never sets on the British Empire.”

3. Israel was a British Mandate and then was made a country by vote at the United Nations.

4. The financial and economic power of some of the Commonwealth Countries and those invaded by the British is as follows:

Australia – rich in coal, gold, meat, wool, machinery, iron ore, bauxite, natural gas, uranium and petroleum.

Brunei – Rich in oil and gas with 79 million barrels of oil exported in 2001. It also has forests, fish, rubber and pepper.

Kuwait – Has 10% of the world’s oil reserves at 98 billion barrels.

India – Has textiles, chemicals, steel, transportation equipment, cement and petroleum.

Nigeria – The most populous country with proven oil reserves of 27 billion barrels and natural gas reserves of 4 trillion cubic feet along with coal, peanuts and palm oil.

Malaysia – Rubber, palm oil and electronics.

Oman -Has oil and natural gas with some copper, gold, manganese, and goal.

Qatar – Has 5% of the world’s oil reserves of 14.6B barrels and proven natural gas of 17.9% trillion cubic feet.

Singapore – Electronics, chemicals, transportation equipment, one of the world’s largest petroleum refining centers and an important ship-building center.

South Africa – The world’s largest producer of platinum, gold and chromium.

UAE – Has 10% of the world’s oil reserves estimated at 98.1 billion barrels and natural gas at 5.8 trillion cubic feet as well as largest producer of dates and fresh fruits, has a national shipping fleet of more than 4,000 vessels, produces aluminum, chemicals, paper and pharmaceuticals.

Zimbabwe – Coal, gold, copper, nickel, tin, clay, steel, wood, cement and chemicals.

While we are at it, let us make mention that most of the off-shore trading and banking is conducted in the Cayman Islands which is part of the UK. They have 40,000 companies as of 1998 with 600 banks and trusts. AT that time, banking exceeded $500B.

Definition of Commonwealth

The English word, “Commonwealth”, dates from the 15th century and indicates one of the following: a nation, state or political unit, a state founded on law by agreement of the people for the common good, a republic, and/or a federated union of constituent states. The Commonwealth of England was the official title of the political unit that replaced the kingdoms of Scotland and England under the rule of Oliver Cromwell.

The states of Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia are all “commonwealths” which emphasizes they have “government based on the common consent of the people” (Source: Wikipedia.Org.)

The Commonwealth

According to an Internet encyclopedia,, “The Commonwealth of Nations is a voluntary association of independent sovereign states, mostly formed by the United Kingdom and its former colonies.” Countries that “acknowledge the British monarch as head of state are known as Commonwealth Realms” while all members recognize Queen Elizabeth II as Head of the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth is the successor of the British Empire and has its origins in the Imperial Conferences of the 1920s. The Commonwealth was established as an association of free and equal states, and membership was based on common allegiance to the British Crown.

The old British Empire, we are told, was dismantled after World War II beginning with India and the activities of Mohandas Gandhi. A number of the countries that have been de-colonized are republics. Because several left the Commonwealth, they established the London Declaration which provided for members to accept the British monarch as Head of the Commonwealth regardless of their domestic constitutional arrangements, and are now considered by many to be the start of the modern Commonwealth.

The population of the Commonwealth is about 1.8 billion people which comprise about 30% of the world’s population. India is the most populous member with a billion people while Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria have more than 100 million people. The land of Commonwealth nations equals about 1/4 of the world’s land area. Membership is open to countries that accept the association’s basic aims.

In recent years, the Commonwealth has suspended Fiji (2000-2001), Pakistan from 1999-2004, Nigeria from 1995 – 1999, Zimbabwe was suspended in 2002 and left the Commonwealth in 2003.

Organization and Objectives

Queen Elizabeth II is the nominal Head of the Commonwealth. Since 1965 there has been a London-based Secretariat. The current Commonwealth Secretary-General is the former New Zealand Foreign Minister Don McKinnon.

The objectives of the Commonwealth were set down in The Harare Declaration of 1991. While it is not a long declaration, part of it is reprinted only to show that there really is no real reason for the UK to have the Commonwealth except to control the UN through the Commonwealth. Its goals are exactly those of the UN. The Declaration states in part,

The Heads of Government of the countries of the Commonwealth reaffirm their confidence In the Commonwealth as a voluntary association of sovereign independent states, each Responsible for its own policies, consulting and co-operating in the interests of their peoples and in the promotion of international understanding and world peace.

The Commonwealth way is to seek consensus through consultation and the sharing of experience. It is uniquely placed to serve as a model and as a catalyst for new forms of friendship and co-operation to all in the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations.

We believe that international peace and order, global economic development and the rule of International law are essential to the security and prosperity of mankind.

Internationally, the world is no longer locked in the iron grip of the Cold War. Totalitarianism Is giving way to democracy and justice in many parts of the world.

Many Commonwealth countries are poor and face acute problems, including excessive population growth, crushing poverty, debt burdens and environmental degradation.

Only sound and sustainable development can offer these millions the prospect of betterment. Achieving this will require a flow of public and private resources from the developed to the developing world, and domestic and international regimes conducive to the realization of these goals: environmental degradation, migration and refugees, communicable diseases and drug production and trafficking.

Having reaffirmed the principles to which the Commonwealth is committed, we pledge the Commonwealth and our countries to work with renewed vigor, concentrating especially In the following areas: the protection and promotion of the fundamental political values of the Commonwealth.

How Voluntary is the Commonwealth?

You would think that if a country was de-colonized that Britain would have a “hands-off” policy. That is not the case. Every Commonwealth country that acknowledges the queen as head of state has a representative of the queen who is called a “Governor-General.” The Governor-General retains all the reserve powers that the Queen exercises in the UK which includes opening and closing parliament and abolishing parliament. Furthermore, the Governor-General appoints the prime minister and cabinet from the part with the most support from the House of Commons. In Canada, for example, the ten provinces all have a representative of the Queen! When Parliament is opened, both the prime minister and the Governor-General give a speech. The Governor-General delivers “The Speech from the Throne.”

Commonwealth Votes at the UN

When the UN was formed in 1945, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom had three votes. As the UK de-colonized countries, they were made voting members of the United Nations. Then between 1946-1959 when the United Kingdom de-colonized a number of countries, their votes increased by four: Ghana, Malaysia, Pakistan and Sir Lanka. During 1960-1969, twenty more countries were de-colonized: Barbados, Botswana, Cameroon, Cyprus, Gambia, Guyana, Jamaica, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Maldives, Malta, Mauritius, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Swaziland, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda and Zambia. During 1970-79, ten more countries de-colonized: Bahamas, Bangladesh, Dominica, Fiji, Grenada, Mozambique, Papau New Guinea, Samoa, and Solomon Islands. During 1980-89, seven more countries de-colonized: Antigua and Barbuda, Belize, Brunei Darussalam, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Vanuatu, and Zimbabwe. The last country to de-colonize was Namibia.

In addition, associated states, external territories and dependencies include: Anguilla, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Falkland Islands, Isle of Man, Montserrat, Pitcairn Islands, St. Helena, and Turks and Caicos Islands. Those that come as a result of being part of Australia or New Zealand include: Christmas Island, Cocos Island, Cook Islands, Niue, Norfolk Island, and Tokelau.

Canada and the Free Trade Areas of the Americas Our neighbor to the north and our largest trading partner, Canada, is the largest member of the Commonwealth in this hemisphere. Canada is America’s largest trading partnerósurpassing our trade with Japan. On a daily basis the volume is over $1B or about $400B a year. Twenty-three percent of American exports are sent to Canada and more than 80% of Canada’s exports come to us. Canada is the largest export market for 39 of the 50 states. We import 80% of Canada’s wood, paper and pulp and 17% of their oil and 18% of their natural gas. Furthermore, we not only share energy grids all across the northern borders but New England obtains most of their power from Quebec.

From a military standpoint, over the past 46 years, America has been inextricably linked to Canada through our joint military efforts through the North American Aerospace Defense Command-NORAD. On September 11, it was a Canadian general who was holding the chair at NORAD that gave the order to initiate our defenses. As a result of September 11, more than 200 commercial planes were diverted to airports across our country from coast to coast. Since then both countries have implemented measures to strengthen military cooperation as well as law enforcement and intelligence agencies. In December 2002, they established the Bi-national Planning Group to develop joint plans for maritime and land defense, and for military support to civil authorities in times of emergency. In Canada, President Bush expressed hope that our two countries would move forward on a ballistic missile defense system.

In November, 2004 President Bush told Canada’s Prime Minister Paul Martin at a meeting on “Common Security, Common Prosperity, A new Partnership in North America, “It’s good to be home.” He went on to declare, “Both the U.S. and Canada participate together in more multinational institutions than perhaps any two nations on earthófrom NATO to the OAS to APEC in the Pacific.” He went several steps forward when he pledged,

My country is determined to work as far as possible within the framework of international organizations and we’re hoping that other nations will work with us to make those institutions more relevant and more effective in meeting the unique threats of our time.

With all this “interconnectedness,” I would like to seriously question our involvement with, not only Canada, but the Free Trade Areas of the Americas-FTAA which is a trading zone for all the countries in our hemisphere. Begun in 1994, the various cabinet level secretaries of the 34 countries have been meeting throughout the year since then to integrate our laws. In a the Western Hemisphere, Canada, Antigua, the Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago are members of the British Commonwealth. We are outvoted by 13 votes to our one vote in our own hemisphere! Let’s take a look at the voting power of the Commonwealth in the world today.


Starting with the founding of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in 1944, an economic international infrastructure was established which was followed by a political international infrastructure above the nation-states. Over the last 61 years, this infrastructure has been developed to include trade, law, the military and now intelligence as a result of the September 11 terrorist attacks on America. Interestingly enough, the Commonwealth of Nations operates in each of these organizations. Not once has an American President said, “Chose either the UN or the Commonwealth.” On the following page, you will see the power of the Commonwealth. We are outvoted with our one vote at every turn.

Let me just make mention that on a regional basis, the U.S. and the world are also outvoted: Free Trade Areas of the Americas by 13 votes, two votes in the European Union, and seven votes at the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation!

Furthermore, whenever a committee is formed at the UN, they rotate “presidency”. For example, if there are 4 Commonwealth countries that are part of a committee of 15, that means Britain is president 25% of the time. This is occurring throughout ALL of the hundreds of committees, agencies, organizations, etc. throughout the WHOLE of the UN system.


In conclusion, I believe the purpose behind the construction of the international level is to transfer complete and absolute power to Britain.

I can now see why Prince Charles was working behind the scenes. For him to be center-stage along with the power of the Commonwealth would look like they are in the process of using Francis Drake’s pirating methods to grab the world! You can now see how The British have the majority of votes in the global organizations of the world through the Commonwealth and not one major power has questioned the ability of the Commonwealth to operate in tandem with the other global organizations!

And while we are on the subject of being outvoted, let us turn to the EU for a moment. When it came together the whole purpose was to create a “United States of Europe.” Now that the travel and trade barriers are down between the European states which now total 25, and they have adopted a common currency which is giving the dollar a run for her money, and they have a common parliament in Strasbourg, how come, they still have 25 votes at the UN instead of ONE? America has 50 states and we only get ONE vote! There, the Commonwealth has two votes: Malta and the UK. Globally Queen Elizabeth II has out-maneuvered more than what her namesake did when she defeated the Spanish Armada!

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord and against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us. He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall he speak to them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure. Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare: Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me and I shall give thee the heathen for your inheritance and the uttermost parts of the earth for your possession.” Psalms 2



In our last issue we proved that God refers to Babylon the Great as a NATION, as a national entity, a recognized nation among the nations of the world. Babylon is also a LARGE NATION, with huge land masses, and is surrounded by SEAS. This fact is often refuted by Bible scholars, who declare that Babylon is ONLY A SYSTEM, and NOT a nation or a literal city. In so doing, they fulfill the prophecies concerning the shepherds of Babylon who lead their people totally astray.

Rome is usually pointed at as being BABYLON THE CITY, if a literal city is even recognized. Rome, however, DOES NOT come close to being able to fulfill the PARAMETERS OF GOD for the identification of the city, Babylon. It fails in almost ALL ASPECTS. Because it does not meet the requirements of GOD, ROME CANNOT BE THE “GREAT CITY” BABYLON. This is not to say that Rome is not important in prophecy, for it is – it plays a major role and IS PART OF THE BABYLONIAN SYSTEM!

The argument goes that Rome is a CITY-STATE, and the Vatican is in reality a NATION, which it is, BUT BEYOND THAT FACT IT UTTERLY FAILS ALL OF THE PARAMETERS FOR BABYLON THE GREAT. Babylon the Great is a LARGE NATION, with MANY CITIES. IT HAS MANY HUGE WARM WATER SEAPORTS, A HUGE MILITARY, A SPACE PROGRAM, ETC. Rome does NOT fulfill any of these. Therefore BELIEVE GOD AND NOT MAN.

If you want to understand what is happening in world events, you must first properly identify the players. If you misidentify them, your scenario will never play out, and you will end up confused and bewildered because it did not go down as you expected. This is exactly what is going to happen to the vast majority of prophetic teachers in America today – their scenarios are not playing out, in fact they are being contradicted left and right. All of the emphasis for years has been ON THE BABYLONIAN SYSTEM ONLY, and that it would be run from a REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE. Scholars told us to look and watch Europe and the EUROPEAN COMMON MARKET, known variously as the EEC OR EC. That area of the world, they all claimed, would produce the antichrist and the antichrist system.

This claim is made from a mis-interpretation of Daniel 7, 2 and 4, which is then carried to Revelation 13, 17 and 18, which we will prove in various articles in the CIS SCANNER. Word from Christian research ministries in the UK tells us the EC is in shambles, and most likely will not come to fruition as planned, and there are many items that have to be worked out. The number of nations involved does not agree with Daniel or Revelation, at this time. Because it does not, many TWIST THE WORD to make it fit. The EC continues to EXPAND, and the the parameters laid down by God through His prophets cannot be met by the EC.

For example, the current theme in the prophetic circles is to say that THE EC will go to 13 members, and then 3 will be removed, leaving 10. They claim THAT IS WHAT DANIEL “MEANT” TO SAY. A careful reading of Daniel 7 will show you that A BEAST WITH 10 HORNS EMERGES, AN 11TH ONE COMES UP AMONG THEM, HE REMOVES THREE OF THEM. 10-3=7! 7 + 1 = 8 total! Revelation 13 & 17 AGREE! “He is of the seven and is the EIGHTH”! BELIEVE GOD. This is PERVERSION OF SCRIPTURE to make something FIT, because they have a BIAS and a PRECONCEIVED THEOLOGY, and thus they have to “force” Scripture to make it match.

The fact is, the 10 Kings of Daniel 2 (the ten toes), Daniel Seven’s fourth Beast and the 10 Kings of Revelation ARE NOT THE SAME, What is happening is a cross-application that appears to be incorrect. The 10 Kings of Revelation 17, that give their power unto a BEAST THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN PREVIOUSLY DEFINED!

What CIS is saying is that THE UN BEAST POWER RISES UP, and divides the world INTO 10 BIO-REGIONS or KINGDOMS, which we believe has already been done under the Club of Rome. NAFTA is part of that plot, for they use TRADE AND ECONOMICS TO SET UP THEIR REGIONS. As it the WTO. BIO-REGION ONE IS CANADA, MEXICO AND AMERICA. NAFTA concerns FREE TRADE (no borders) between Canada, America and Mexico. THE EC IS THE “NAFTA” OF EUROPE. The goal: GLOBAL FREE TRADE with NO NATIONAL BORDERS. Each region has a LEADER/KING. This BEAST POWER, of DANIEL 7, gains its strength from SEVEN PRIMARY WESTERN KINGDOMS. It goes forth, according to Daniel, and DEVOURS THE WHOLE WORLD. Its headquarters are in THE NATION, BABYLON THE GREAT. It is controlled by THE WEST.

We are not saying that the final result of the EC will not be 10 kingdoms. The EC is the counterpart of NAFTA for Europe, a BIO-REGION BEING FORMED. We are not saying that those possible 10 kingdoms will not play an important part in prophecy. We are saying simply that Scripture places the SPOTLIGHT ON ANOTHER ENTITY, That entity is a SINGULAR NATION, from her BIRTH ONWARD, not a confederation of nations, and that nation is the greatest SINGULAR NATION to ever grace planet earth! THAT NATION IS BABYLON THE GREAT, THE DAUGHTER OF THE CHALDEANS. IT IS THIS ENTITY THAT SPAWNS AND CONTROLS THE FOURTH BEAST OF DANIEL, THE UNITED NATIONS.

It is also a fact that the Bible does not even remotely suggest the revival of an Old Roman Empire, which we shall get into later in this series. It not only does not suggest it, but both Daniel and John CATEGORICALLY DENY IT. Rome is not to be revived, BABYLON IS TO BE REVIVED, AND BABYLON OF THE END TIME IS PORTRAYED AS A SINGULAR NATION, NEVER AS AN ASSEMBLY OF NATIONS, AS IS THE EC!

Babylon is THE PRIME MOVER of an ANTICHRIST ALLIANCE, of which the G-7 nations could be a fulfillment, but it cannot, at this time, be proved this is the case. Many prophecy teachers will tell you that all of the Old Testament prophecies against Babylon have been totally fulfilled. They apply ONLY, they claim, to ancient Babylon, and the vast majority of commentaries will tell you the same thing. THE ACTUAL FACT IS JUST THE OPPOSITE! When we first began to examine the Babylonian doctrines, we found commentary after commentary that said ALL OF THESE EVENTS HAD TRANSPIRED AND WERE FULFILLED IN THE ANCIENT PAST.

We then went to the larger libraries and conducted a SECULAR SEARCH of the records on ancient Babylon. SURPRISE, SURPRISE!! The actual cuneiform records, some written by the rulers of ancient Babylon, spelled out a totally different story!!! These stories matched up with the secular historians!!! In point of fact, 90-95% of the prophecies against Babylon, written by Jeremiah, Isaiah and Habakkuk, REMAIN YET TO BE FULFILLED. THEY ALL POINT TO A GREAT END TIME NATION OF VAST WEALTH AND POWER, A NATION THAT IS THE GREATEST NATION THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! Christ confirmed Jeremiah, Isaiah, Habakkuk and all the other Old Testament prophets as being GENUINE! Therefore, if they are genuine, THEIR WRITINGS MUST ALL COME TRUE, FOR THAT IS THE MARK OF A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD!!

You simply CANNOT BELIEVE the data in some areas of the commentaries on the market today. They are full of distortions, mistakes and much erroneous reporting of actual facts. Some of them are also an attempt by the Luciferians to INFILTRATE AND DESTROY THE WORD OF GOD. BEWARE OF ALL NEW TRANSLATIONS OF SCRIPTURE, FOR THE WORD OF GOD IS BEING CHANGED, A BIT AT A TIME. Remember that Christ, Paul, Peter, John and Jude all warned that APOSTASY AND DECEPTION would sweep the vast majority of the latter day church into eternal ruin! YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ONE OF THEM. Almost all of what Jeremiah, Isaiah, Habakkuk, and others wrote concerning Babylon APPLIES TO THE LAST DAY BABYLON.

There are in reality THREE APPEARANCES OF BABYLON on earth from the flood:

1. Nimrod’s Babylon.

2. Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon.

3. Modern Babylon.


Because Babylon is a SINGULAR NATION that TURNS UPON ITS HERITAGE OF GOD, AND DESTROYS IT TO BECOME THE ANTICHRIST POWER OF THE END TIMES, it is of vital importance that we PROPERLY IDENTIFY WHO THIS NATION IS. One of the crucial prophecies against Babylon the Nation is found in Jeremiah 50. This verse of Scripture is SO STRICT in application that only two nations in the whole world fit it, and they fit WITHIN A VERY NARROW TIME FRAME, and that time frame was given to us by Jesus Himself in the Parable of the Fig Tree. This time parameter is so strict that these nations must fulfill every parameter within an 8o year span!

Stop to think about this; that TWO NATIONS must rise upon the earth, in a proper sequence, and they both must be present during an 80 year time span, do certain things, then it becomes a strict parameter. The events of nation take place over many years, and most nations are quite old!!

“Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bare you shall be ashamed: BEHOLD, THE




shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert.”

(Jeremiah 50:12)

As we stated in our first article, this is one of the most exacting parameters God gives us to identify this last great NATIONAL ENTITY called Babylon the Great. First, she must have a MOTHER THAT BORE HER. Secondly, this mother obviously MUST PRECEDE HER, LIVE DURING HER ENTIRE LIFE, AND WATCH HER BURN, AND SURVIVE HER DURING THE LAST PART OF THE TRIBULATION. That gives us several clues. First, the mother could not be a close neighbor, for she too would burn with Babylon. Secondly, we are now speaking of TWO NATIONS, that MUST LIVE DURING THE SAME TIME PERIOD. How easy is that to accomplish?

The mother MUST BE the prime mover in the establishment of Babylon. Babylon then, must be a direct offspring. The people who first established this nation will be from this “mother country”. Third, this relationship must remain THROUGHOUT the life of Babylon, with the “mother” being very close to Babylon itself in terms of CONTROL AND FUNCTION.

These parameters are crucial, and very strict. As was asked previously, who is the mother of Iraq? Who is the mother of the EC, which is DISQUALIFIED ANYWAY BECAUSE THE EC IS AN ASSEMBLY OF NATIONS, not ONE national entity from its birth!? Who is the mother of Rome, which is a CITY, and NOT A LARGE NATIONAL ENTITY. Who is the mother of Russia? Who is the mother of Israel or Jerusalem? These nations or cities have all been advanced at one time or another as being “Babylon”.

The second aspect is that Babylon THE NATION is referred to as the HINDERMOST OF THE NATIONS. Jeremiah is looking down the tunnel of time, and is saying that BABYLON will be the LAST AND THE GREATEST NATION TO RISE IN THIS AGE. Of the great nations of the world today, who is the youngest? Everyone knows that America is THE YOUNGEST OF THE POWERFUL NATIONS, and is also THE GREATEST NATION TO EVER GRACE PLANET EARTH. It is also the HINDERMOST in the perspective of THE LAST RISE OF BABYLON!!

Does Rome fulfill this parameter? Does Iraq? Russia? Does the EC, which is disqualified because it is an ALLIANCE OF NATIONS? None of them do; they do not come close!! Why cannot people simply accept what God says? There are only TWO NATIONS IN THE WORLD that fulfill this parameter! ONLY TWO!! And they fit it like a GLOVE. This one verse ALONE would identify who Babylon is!! ENGLAND AND AMERICA are the ONLY NATIONS IN THE WORLD TO FULFILL THIS PROPHECY TO THE EXACT LETTER.

You see, it is not a matter of EVIDENCE, it is a matter of REFUSING THE EVIDENCE GIVEN. It is a matter of personal bias, of prejudice, of refusal to accept God and His Word. Scripture is not written in a complex manner. It is written in a manner that even a ten year old can understand, IF THE HEART IS RIGHT. God says HE WILL CHOOSE OUR DELUSIONS. Why would God, the holder of ALL TRUTH, who wants us to KNOW ALL TRUTH, turn right around and say he will PICK OUR DELUSIONS? Only one reason: THE HEART IS NOT RIGHT!!

We have received some calls from people furious that we called America, “Babylon”. We were accused of “manipulating” Scripture. We have not “manipulated” Scripture at all. We merely PRESENT IT FOR WHAT IT SAYS. God has picked THEIR DELUSIONS. THEIR HEARTS ARE NOT RIGHT. You could give them hundreds of verses to prove America is Babylon and they would all be UTTERLY REJECTED. Why? Because for whatever reason buried in their secret heart, THEY CANNOT ACCEPT TRUTH. THEY DO NOT WANT AMERICA TO BE BABYLON.

They want motherhood and apple pie. They want Thanksgiving and Christmas. THEY WANT TO LIVE IN THEIR DELUSIONS. It is a SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS, because they do not WANT the real truth!! It is too painful for them to accept. The vast majority, however, simply HAVE NOT STUDIED IT OUT, and because they have not, SIMPLY DO NOT REALIZE AMERICA’S IDENTITY!


The other clue given in Scripture that should place us ON GUARD, is the fact that ANTICHRIST RISES IN DECEPTION. It is a DECEPTIVE PLOY OF SATAN. Deception means what it says: BABYLON WILL RISE TO FULL POWER WITH THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE NOT RECOGNIZING WHO BABYLON IS!. Do you understand what that means? It means that BABYLON THE NATION will not REVEAL ITS TRUE NATURE UNTIL THE VERY END. The MASK WILL BE RIPPED OFF and EXPOSED only after the DECEPTIVE RISE, AND ALL CONTROLLING FORCES ARE IN PLACE. Because deception usually works in REVERSALS (MIRROR IMAGES), and we end up with ANTICHRIST, then what is the REVERSE OF ANTICHRIST?


Thus it will be that THE LATTER DAY BABYLON will BEGIN AS A CHRISTIAN NATION. A NATION BASKING IN THE SUNLIGHT OF JESUS CHRIST!! That is what deception really means! For example, in Revelation, Jesus Christ spoke of a church called Laodicea, the lukewarm, apostate, social gospel church of the LAST DAYS. He said they were positive they were all saved and going to heaven. They were positive their works were APPROVED BY GOD. They were ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE OF ALL THIS. Jesus said:



Do you see? THEY KNEW NOT THAT THE OPPOSITE WAS THE TRUTH!!! Their claim to salvation was IN REALITY A CLAIM TO ETERNAL RUIN. Their claim of good works, WAS IN REALITY A CLAIM TO EVIL WORKS. DECEPTION IS A REVERSAL OF THE REALITY. The person caught up in a deception is UTTERLY UNAWARE OF IT. He/she usually will not EVEN CONSIDER AN OPPOSING POINT OF VIEW, which is one of the CLUES they are in deception. Deception is SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS, and the Bible claims that SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS COMES FROM DISOBEDIENCE TO THE WORD OF GOD, or A REFUSAL OF THE WORD OF GOD!!



We will now examine some of the KEY PARAMETERS laid down by God to PROVE THAT AMERICA IS BABYLON THE GREAT, AND THAT NEW YORK CITY IS THE “GREAT CITY BABYLON”, THE HOME OF MYSTERY BABYLON. Are you willing to face what God has to say? Are you willing to ACCEPT what God tells you? Are you willing to BELIEVE what God says, though it may mean a radical change in your thinking? When one discovers that one’s beloved nation is portrayed by God as the ULTIMATE EVIL UPON EARTH, it is a shock. It shocks people to their very core. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT KNOW WHO AMERICA IS ARE UNDER A DECEPTION. TO COME OUT FROM DECEPTION IS DIFFICULT AND PAINFUL. There are several phases a person goes through in this process:


Usually, the letters we get are angry letters, short and terse, simply saying IT IS FALSE, UNTRUE and America IS NOT BABYLON. No Scripture is ever presented, and if it is, it is taken way out of context. THIS IS A REFUSAL TO ACCEPT TRUTH.


The individual moves from REFUSAL and DENIAL to a painful recognition that IT MIGHT BE TRUE. The heart is being moved BY GOD to accept A POSSIBILITY; THE MIND IS OPENING UP.


The next reaction is ANGER because one was misled, and the more one begins to see the real truth, the deeper goes the anger. We have to remember that DECEPTION was the key to all END TIME EVENTS, AND THAT IS NOT A MINOR DECEPTION, BUT MASSIVE!!


Many people report to us that when it is finally confirmed to them BY THE LORD, they enter into a period of depression and sadness. In point of fact, who would not? It is a sense of deep betrayal. We are now entering a NEW PHASE, A PHASE OF SPIRITUAL GROWTH.


The mind and soul does not want to accept the facts as given in Scripture. The person involved goes back and forth, from acceptance to denial. To YES IT IS, to IT CANNOT BE. The mind says YES, the heart says NO.


During this phase, the facts of Scripture cannot be denied, although an attempt to argue with God is involved. God’s Word, however, outweighs OUR WANTS OR OUR DESIRES. FAITH IN GOD’S TRUTH GRADUALLY WINS OUT. GROWTH IS NOW A FACT.


The final acceptance, long and painful, leads to resolve to prepare for family and loved ones. The fact of America’s being BABYLON THE GREAT has major ramifications for the Christian.


Growth can only come from challenge. Challenge means to have your PRESET VIEWS ASSAULTED. It means CONFRONTATION by things you DID NOT BELIEVE TRUE AT ALL. Growth is PAINFUL. It hurts, but as WE GROW, as we OPEN OUR MINDS to many facets of God’s Word, WE BECOME MUCH STRONGER.

These phases may be gone through rapidly or slowly, depending upon the make-up of the person. CIS is asking you, the reader, to ACCEPT GOD’S WORD AS PLAINLY STATED. We are NOT asking you to BELIEVE ANYTHING WE SAY, but rather, that you DIG DEEPER INTO THE WORD AND BELIEVE WHAT GOD SAYS!


One of the key parameters laid down by the Old Testament prophets is the implication, at least, that the latter day nation Babylon would be born a CHRISTIAN NATION, A NATION WITH THE HERITAGE OF GOD. Paradoxically, it is also portrayed as a nation that LABORED IN THE OCCULT FROM ITS VERY INCEPTION. In other words, Babylon is a nation with a SPLIT PERSONALITY, that claims both CHRIST AND LUCIFER AT THE SAME TIME. These two claims MERGE at the end, when APOSTATE AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY MERGES WITH THE “LUCIFERIANS”.


Babylon America finally goes under the dominion of the OCCULTIC FORCES (Revelation 18:3), which founded lodges in America as soon as she was born in the 1700’s.

“Because ye were glad, because ye rejoiced, O YE DESTROYERS



because ye are grown fat as the heifer at grass, and bellow as bulls; (Jeremiah 50:11).”

Babylon had the HERITAGE OF GOD and it turns and destroys it. At the same time it has the HERITAGE OF GOD, which we will explore to find out what it is, Isaiah 47:12 makes a comment that is just the opposite:

“Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the MULTITUDE OF THY SORCERIES,


(Isaiah 47:12)

The word for sorceries is “kesheph”, which means WITCHCRAFT, OR MAGIC. The root is “kashaph” and it means TO WHISPER A SPELL, TO ENCHANT, TO PRACTICE MAGIC OR WITCHCRAFT. Babylon is INVOLVED IN THE OCCULT from its YOUTH UP. Yet God then makes this statement in Jeremiah 51:7:

“Babylon hath been a GOLDEN CUP

IN THE LORD’S HAND, that made all the earth drunken:

the nations have drunken of her wine; therefore the nations are mad.”

(Jeremiah 51:7)

The word “golden” is “zahab” and it means TO SHIMMER, GOLD, FAIR WEATHER, CLEAR SKY. It implies, NICE, GOOD, PLEASANT, OF VALUE. Immediately we see A SPLIT PERSONALITY, A NATION THAT IS BOTH CHRISTIAN AND ANTICHRIST. Exactly what is the heritage of God? A search of Scripture will prove out the following:

1. It refers to land (Psalm 135:12)

2. It refers to children (Psalm 127:5)

3. It refers to Israel and her people (Joel 2:17)

4. It refers to Christians (1 Peter 5:3)

5. It refers to the Word of God (1 Peter 5:3)

6. It refers to the COVENANTS OF GOD by implication.

The COVENANTS OF GOD are the first and foremost of this “heritage”, because it is upon the covenants that all of the others REST. It is the COVENANTS THAT ESTABLISH THE OWNERSHIP, which in turn, is the basis of the heritage. If Babylon had the HERITAGE OF GOD, WHICH IT DESTROYS, and this heritage applies to land, children, people and most of all COVENANTS, then America, to fulfill this prophecy, would have to have been at one time CONSIDERED BY GOD TO BE HIS, AND THE PEOPLE HIS. They would have entered into a spiritual covenant, WILLINGLY, and would have declared JESUS CHRIST, and GOD THE FATHER as their source of GUIDANCE AND AUTHORITY.

The Supreme Court of the United States TWICE ruled that America WAS A CHRISTIAN NATION. The 1891 decision was very clear about what that meant. We can easily prove that BABYLON IS PORTRAYED AS A PRETRIBULATIONAL AND TRIBULATION NATION, which means IT IS A NATION WITHIN THE CHURCH AGE, thus UNDER THE NEW COVENANT. If a person accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, then that person is GRAFTED INTO THE NATION ISRAEL, and becomes part of the heritage of God. It cannot be otherwise, something Paul confirmed:

“For there


between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him

(Romans 10:12).”

Under the New Covenant of Jesus Christ, which is a NEW HEART VIA REGENERATION, there is NO DIFFERENCE between Jew and Gentile. ALL COME INTO THE NEW COVENANT VIA THE SAME WAY: REBIRTH.

“For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery,

lest ye should be wise in your own conceits;



(Romans 11:25).”

What are the Gentiles brought INTO? What do they COME INTO? ISRAEL! They become part of ISRAEL, VIA THE FAITH OF ABRAHAM, THE FAITH OF CHRIST (THE SAME FAITH THEY BOTH HAD). They enter into ISRAEL, INTO GOD’S PEOPLE, via the NEW COVENANT.

“And if some of the branches be broken off,

and thou, being a WILD OLIVE TREE, wert GRAFTED IN AMONG THEM,



(Romans 11:17).”

The Christian, says Paul, is GRAFTED INTO THE OLIVE TREE OF ISRAEL. They become partakers of ISRAEL. They become the HERITAGE OF GOD, GOD’S PEOPLE. If they are God’s people, THEN THEY ARE PART OF GOD’S PROGRAM, and if part of the program, will they be a part of God’s blessings?


But if thou boast,


(Romans 11:18).”

Paul warns Christians against boasting against Israel, or to word it another way, TO NOT RUN ISRAEL DOWN SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY REJECT CHRIST. Do not sit there and point a finger at Israel, or hate Israel, or the Jew, because, says Paul, THEY ARE THE ROOT, AND THEY BEAR YOU, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.

There are many groups in America that HATE THE JEW. They claim all sorts of things against the Jew. They speak of a ZIONIST CONSPIRACY; they speak OF THE EVIL OF THE JEWS. They claim Israel is FALSE, and that God has UTTERLY CAST OFF ISRAEL, AND ALL OF THE PROMISES MADE TO ISRAEL HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED OVER TO THE CHURCH. Many of them even go so far as to say that Paul did not realize what was happening, and that Paul’s comments and theology are in grave error!! There are those who claim America is in fact comprised of ISRAEL’S LOST 10 TRIBES, and is in fact ISRAEL itself!! They accomplish this by taking all of the prophecies concerning MILLENNIAL ISRAEL, and applying them to America in this age, which she does fulfill!! However, it is a perversion of Scripture, and a DENIAL OF THE COVENANTS OF GOD.

God did not forever cast off Israel. He merely put Israel upon a shelf for their rejection of Christ. Paul says so: “BLINDNESS IN PART IS HAPPENED TO ISRAEL UNTIL THE FULLNESS OF THE GENTILES BE COME IN.” It means what it says. The key word there is UNTIL. There is a time coming in which the ABRAHAMIC, PALESTINIAN, AND OTHER COVENANTS WILL BE RESTORED BACK TO ISRAEL.

One of the key parts of the grand delusion is THE DENIAL OF ISRAEL having a RIGHT TO THE COVENANTS OF GOD. The antichrist forces REPUDIATE THAT CLAIM, AND APPROPRIATE FOR THEMSELVES ALL OF THE COVENANTS. In their own ways and delusions, they claim they ARE ISRAEL. They claim they ARE THE REAL JEWS. This falsehood, this utter delusion, comes during the CHURCH AGE, and it comes from WITHIN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH!!

That is a crucial point, for Christ Himself mentions them, and tells us that these “CHRISTIANS” who claim they are JEWS (ISRAEL), but ARE NOT, are under a rank deception, and full of hatred. He forces them to bow at the foot of REAL CHRISTIANS.









This comment was made to the Church of Philadelphia, the TRUE CHURCH OF THE LAST DAYS, A CHURCH CHRIST LOVED. This is a direct statement from Jesus Christ that during the latter times of the Church age, a MOVEMENT WITHIN THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH ITSELF, will come AND SWEEP THE LAND. These so called “Christians” will claim THEY ARE JEWS, THE REAL JEWS!! They claim they ARE ISRAEL, THE REAL ISRAEL, and that they are the INHERITORS of all of the covenants of God, and that the REAL JEWS are liars, frauds, and impostors. They will, because they think they are THE TRUE JEWS, and they attempt to SET UP A KINGDOM OF GOD UPON EARTH, AND THEY PERVERT PROPHECY TO DO IT.

They are LIARS, SAID CHRIST. AND THEY ARE FULL OF HATRED, and they ESPOUSE DOCTRINES THAT ARE AT THEIR ROOT WHITE SUPREMACIST! They hate not only the Jew, but they hate all other races not their own, as well as anyone who does not agree with their antichrist theology. THESE PEOPLE have various “ways” in which they make this claim. There are many dedicated and sincere Christians caught up in these movements, but they should remove themselves from them as fast as they can. Christ says these so called Christians, WHICH THEY ARE NOT, will BE FORCED TO BOW AND WORSHIP AT THE FOOT OF THE TRUE CHRISTIANS, WHO HAD TRUE LOVE IN THEIR HEART, NOT ONLY FOR THE JEWS, BUT FOR ALL PEOPLES OF THE WORLD.

These groups claim in one form or another that they REPLACE ISRAEL, AND THE JEWS, AND THUS THEY BECOME THE TRUE JEWS, and THEY ALONE have the right to rule the world, and force their edicts upon everyone else. This is NOT TO SAY that Zionism, a movement of SOME (BUT NOT ALL) OF THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, does not make the same claim, for it does. That they try to bring about their one world government is a fact, for Isaiah 26 says they do, AND FAIL. This is not to say there are not high placed RICH Jews who are evil to their core and who are attempting to bring about a ZIONIST KINGDOM UPON EARTH, in which all other NON-JEWS are merely “animals”. All one has to do is read the Jewish Babylonian Talmud and other like works to find that out. Jeremiah 24 speaks of them as “evil figs”, so evil in fact, that they went beyond anything seen on planet earth! GOD WILL DESTROY THEM ALL IN HIS GOOD TIME. “Revenge is mine, saith the Lord.”

But EVIL HEARTS are not the special privilege of some rich Jews, whites, or rich men of any race. THE EVIL HEART IS WITHIN ALL MEN, and the true conspirators ARE THE UNREGENERATE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, OF ALL RACES, COLORS AND CREEDS.


But this remark of Jesus Christ, was made to one specific CHURCH, and that Church is the ONE TRUE CHURCH that Christ had no mention of fault for. HE LOVED THEM. They UNDERSTOOD THE COVENANTS, THE REGENERATED HEARTS, AND THE SPIRITUAL ASPECTS OF THE KINGDOM. These others, who are in reality the FOES OF CHRIST, the ENEMIES OF CHRIST, use the Bible to fabricate their OWN THEOLOGY TO JUSTIFY their own hatreds, prejudices and murders! THEY ARE THE TARES! It is this movement that fuels the fires of true anti-Semitism, and because of the actions of a few rich Jews, the entire race is held up as evil. God said it would happen, and it has. BUT CHRIST LOVES THE JEWS. We would all do well to remember that CHRIST LOVES ALL PEOPLES OF THE WORLD. His greatest wish, his greatest hope, is that ALL WOULD COME TO A KNOWLEDGE OF THE TRUTH OF GOD’S LOVE!!

Because this group of so called “Christians” uses the Bible to preach hatred, He will force them to kneel before the true Christian, whom they ALSO HATED WITH A VEHEMENT HATRED. CIA/CIS has had direct personal encounters with these people, and we know of others who have as well. THEIR HEARTS ARE FULL OF HATRED FOR ANYONE THAT DOES NOT AGREE WITH THEIR THEOLOGY. THEY HATE THE JEW, THE NEGRO, THE INDIAN, ALL NON-WHITES. AND THEIR OWN PEOPLE IF THEY DON’T AGREE WITH THEM, and their hatred explodes to near violence or violence if provoked. GOD HAS CHOSEN THEIR DELUSION. THEIR END WILL BE BITTERNESS, AND ETERNAL RUIN, IF THEY DO NOT REPENT A BIBLICAL REPENTANCE.

They uphold Jesus Christ, they proclaim their theology from their Bibles, but they twist, distort and utterly destroy the TRUE AND BEAUTIFUL DOCTRINES OF CHRIST. They are OF THE WORLD, and they SPEAK OF THE WORLD. They wish to set up a THEOCRACY WITH AMERICA AS NEW JERUSALEM, AS NEW ZION. They are ANTICHRISTS, and will GO INTO THE ANTICHRIST DECEPTION, AND WILL BE PART OF THE ANTICHRIST PERSECUTION OF THE TRUE CHRISTIANS. They are utterly deceived. They will BE FORCED to come and worship at the feet of the TRUE CHRISTIAN, whom they openly persecuted and hated, and whom they called TARES. They will be forced into the fires of hell for eternity.

It is interesting to note that even UNBELIEVERS, THE HEATHEN, KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE. Yet they are growing stronger every day as the delusion is cast down upon the earth. It is the ultimate deception that hate poses as love! That is one of the reasons why antichrist goes upon the Temple Mount and walks into the Holy of Holies!! He honestly thinks HE HAS THE RIGHT. HE HONESTLY THINKS HE IS THE GOD OF ALL GOD’S. It is a delusion to cast those who embrace it, into the fire of eternal damnation, for they REJECT GOD AND CHRIST, HIS WORDS, HIS PROPHETIC PLAN, AND THEY REJECT REGENERATION, ALL THE WHILE CLAIMING THEY ARE OF GOD AND OF CHRIST. It is the height of DELUSION.

Now then, it is easy to prove that WHEN A SOUL ACCEPTS JESUS CHRIST HE IS GRAFTED INTO ISRAEL. He become an Israelite. What happens if an entire nation of people ACCEPT CHRIST? Does God then consider the WHOLE NATION A CHRISTIAN NATION, AND THEREFORE HIS OWN? Would that nation then come under Deuteronomy 28 with its blessings and curses? Would that nation then ENTER INTO A NATIONAL COVENANT WITH GOD, THE SAME AS ISRAEL? The evidence suggests it would.

America, because it was founded by both Christian and occultic people, BUT PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED God and Jesus Christ in many of its original documents, BECOMES A FORM OF A SPIRITUAL ISRAEL! The Supreme Court in 1891 ACKNOWLEDGED AMERICA WAS A CHRISTIAN NATION. It is spiritual because the NEW COVENANT IS A COVENANT OF SPIRIT, OF A NEW HEART, OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD. Will it then come under the BLESSINGS OF DEUTERONOMY 28?

America has in fact fulfilled all of the blessing outlined in Deuteronomy 28. She has been blessed, even though God knew perfectly well she would turn upon Him at the end. She is like Judas, who partook of the blessings of Christ, walked with Christ as one of the twelve, and was accepted as a BONA FIDE MEMBER OF THE GROUP. This is true even though Jesus knew the whole while JUDAS WOULD TURN. Satan came from the family of God. Cain came from the loins of Adam. Nimrod came from Noah. Judas came from the Twelve. Antichrist will come from the family of God. He is a DECEIVER, A USURPER, A LIAR, AN APOSTATE!

America is no different. Simply because God knows that America will turn, HE WILL BLESS AMERICA UNTIL IT DOES TURN. If it does turn, Paul says something else happens: THE CURSES OF GOD WILL FALL:

“Behold therefore the GOODNESS AND SEVERITY OF GOD:





(Romans 11:22).”



“And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great






(Revelation 18:2).”

Read that again very carefully. This is not the demise of Babylon, this is THE FALL OF BABYLON TO THE OCCULT FORCES. It is the


OF AMERICA INTO A NATION THAT DESTROYS THE HERITAGE OF GOD. IT MURDERS AND IMPRISONS GOD’S PEOPLE AND ELEVATES LUCIFER TO THE THRONE OF THE NATION, according to Isaiah and Jeremiah. In other words, JUST BEFORE THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA, SHE WILL FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE OCCULT. The nation falls under TOTAL DEMONIC CONTROL! She becomes the home of every ANTICHRIST, ANTIGOD RELIGION AND BELIEF IN THE WORLD, THE MASONIC and ILLUMINIST DREAM FOR THE AGES! They forge a complete alliance between all the religions of man, and bring them together in a BABYLONIAN TEMPLE OF UNDERSTANDING. The nations TURNS and DESTROYS her heritage, her Constitution, her Bill of Rights, all of it. We are seeing it happen. NAFTA, THE CRIME CONTROL BILLS, TERRORIST BILLS, THE WTO, all of it is a fulfillment of these prophecies.

Thus we must find a nation that begins its rise under the blessings of God, and who ends it in FULL AND UTTER REBELLION. Does America fulfill this foundation parameter? TO THE EXACT LETTER. When we examine the RELIGION OF BABYLON, we will explore deeply both aspects of this fall to the occult. NOW YOU KNOW WHY AMERICA IS GOING TOTALLY OCCULTIC, WHY THE SUPREME COURT HAS WAGED WAR UPON CHRIST AND CHRISTIANS, and why the leaders of America have embraced OCCULTISM and SATAN AS THEIR GOD!!

When a nation receives its blessings from God and then turns its back upon God, THE CURSES BEGIN TO APPEAR. JUDGMENTS BEGIN, AND EVERY NATION THAT FORGETS GOD IS TURNED INTO HELL. AMERICA WILL SHORTLY BE TURNED INTO HELL, AND HER LEADERS WILL BURN FOREVER WITH THE FIRES OF ETERNAL RUIN. The occult forces, that labored since the birth of America to turn her away from Christ, succeed in the end, and destroy her; AND TURN AMERICA INTO NEW ZION, NEW JERUSALEM, THE NEW ATLANTIS, AND THEY ARE BURNED WITH THE FIRES OF AN ANGRY GOD.



There are many verses in both Old and New Testaments that refer to Babylon as the LEADING NATION OF THE WORLD. SHE IS THE “QUEEN OF THE NATIONS”. She is said to sit upon a THRONE, TO BE IN ACTUAL FACT, BEHIND THE SCENES, THE RULER OF THE WORLD.



shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gormorrah

(Isaiah 13:19).”

Babylon is here referred to as a NATION/KINGDOM, and the GLORY OF ALL KINGDOMS. There is nothing in the world like the nation BABYLON. The word “glory” is “tsebee”, which means PROMINENCE, SPLENDOR, HONOR, OR THE GREATEST. In other words, BABYLON THE NATION IS THE GREATEST NATION IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, AND THERE HAS NOT BEEN, NOR EVER WILL BE AGAIN, A NATION AS GREAT AS BABYLON.

The phrase “beauty of the Chaldees’ excellency” refers to the same concept. The root word is “tipharah” or “tipara” and means one of GLORY OR TO BE FULL OF PRIDE OVER ACCOMPLISHMENTS. It is a VAIN GLORY, and God taunts Babylon with this phrase. Babylon is a nation that is filled with accomplishments, a nation that forges ahead and surmounts its problems with sheer determination and is resolute that it can do what it sets out to do. Indeed, America has that attitude, and America fulfills that parameter with 100% accuracy. NO OTHER NATION ON EARTH CAN BOAST AS AMERICA CAN BOAST!!

CIS would ask you several questions. Does Iraq fulfill this parameter? Can Iraq claim that it is THE STRONGEST, GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD? And what has Iraq accomplished except to destroy itself? What about ROME? Rome is not a large nation, but a “city/state”, let alone THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. What about the EC? First of all the EC is falling apart, but let’s say for debate’s sake that the EC comes together! Is it ONE NATION, OR IS IT AN ASSEMBLY OF NATIONS? Even as an assembly of nations, CAN IT BOAST THAT IT IS THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD, WITH THE STRONGEST MILITARY IN THE WORLD?

If it can so boast, then why must the U.S. military supply a large part of the manpower, aircraft and equipment for NATO? In point of actual fact, Europe has relied almost totally upon America for all of its defense needs. And what has the EC accomplished? Nothing, save to argue among themselves and be the hotbed of war. No, the EC cannot come close! What about Russia, which some say is Babylon? Iraq? Rome? No way!! Israel? No! No, these nations, or groups of nations (which is a violation of the parameters), do not come even close to fulfilling this one parameter. Except one; AMERICA. America fulfills this parameter to the exact letter. But we do not want America to be Babylon, so therefore IT CANNOT BE SO! Indeed! God will not be mocked! We shall list more to prove this out.

“Come down, and sit in the dust, O virgin daughter of Babylon,

sit on the ground:


O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no more be called

tender and delicate

(Isaiah 47:1).”

This mighty Babylon once sat upon the THRONE AS QUEEN OF THE NATIONS. Suddenly she is fallen, and there IS NO LONGER A THRONE FOR HER. She sits in the dust (radioactive), and is gone forever. The point is SHE ONCE HAD A THRONE. SHE WAS ONCE THE MOST POWERFUL NATION IN THE WORLD.

The phase “there is no throne” is telling of America’s wealth and might, of her power among the nations of the world. In Revelation 18:7, she says: “I SIT A QUEEN”. The word “throne” is “kicce”, which means literally SEAT OF HONOR, or “seat of a king”. As we journey through the prophecies of Jeremiah, Isaiah and Habakkuk, and then compare them to Revelation, we find a consistent portrait of a MIGHTY END TIME SINGULAR NATION THAT IS THE GREATEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

“Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness,

O daughter of the Chaldeans:



(Isaiah 47:5).”

The phrase LADY OF KINGDOMS reaffirms the prophets position that Babylon America is the LEADING NATION in the WHOLE WORLD. She is THE QUEEN, that sits upon THE THRONE OF THE NATIONS, THE RULING NATION OF THE WORLD. She is the LEADER, a nation filled with splendor and glory compared to the other nations. The word “lady” is “g’bereth”, which means A LADY OR MISTRESS. Babylon is a pampered mistress, a queen, a virgin, untouched. The eyes of the world are upon Babylon America. Babylon is portrayed as a QUEEN, A LADY, ALWAYS IN THE FEMININE GENDER!

“And thou saidst, I WILL BE A LADY FOREVER:

so that thou didst not lay these things to thy heart,

neither didst remember the latter end of it

(Isaiah 47:7).”

Again we find a reference to Babylon being A LADY FOREVER, A NATION THAT THINKS IT HAS AN ETERNAL DESTINY, because IT IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH, and GOD IS ETERNAL. It is a delusion, and the destiny of America Babylon is just the opposite of what she thinks it is. That this attitude is displayed in America by her leaders is proven by this quote taken from Congressman Newt Gingrich, January 25, 1993:

“Mr. Speaker, I want to talk about RENEWING AMERICAN CIVILIZATION. AMERICAN CIVILIZATION IS DECAYING AND IT MUST BE RENEWED. In Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s words, our generation has a rendezvous with destiny, and I believe for our generation that rendezvous is to RENEW AMERICAN CIVILIZATION….”

America does have a destiny, and America will ATTEMPT TO RENEW HER CIVILIZATION IN THE IMAGE OF LUCIFER, OF BAAL, INTO NEW JERUSALEM, OF NEW ZION, OF ATLANTIS COME AGAIN!! It will be the worst evil to have ever come upon planet earth. The dreams of the high ranking 32 or 33 degree Masons will be realized!! How fitting then, that in NEW YORK HARBOR, stands a LADY, with her torch of GOLD HELD HIGH. She stands upon A STAR, and HER LEG IRONS are broken, per Psalm 2. She is a MASONIC SYMBOL, designed by a leading MASON. She is a LADY, A LADY OF REBELLION, THE QUEEN OF BABYLON!

America is the center of WORLD FINANCE, WORLD TRADE, AND WORLD RELIGION. WITHIN HER BOUNDARIES LIES THE UNITED NATIONS, which lies within the GREAT CITY, NEW YORK CITY, with THE LADY IN THE HARBOR!! That the United Nations lies within the borders of the United States is not by accident. for Christ said that as it was in the days of Noah, so should it be again. Noah saw the NATION Babylonia forged under Nimrod. He saw the GREAT CITY BABYLON, and he saw the TOWER OF BABEL. So it will be again: THE LATTER DAY NATION BABYLON WILL HAVE A GREAT CITY, AND IN THAT CITY WILL BE A MODERN TOWER OF BABEL, The tower represents:

1. World Government

2. World Economics

3. World Religion

4. Utter rebellion

THE UNITED NATIONS IS OUR MODERN TOWER OF BABEL, AND IT FULFILLS ALL OF THESE PARAMETERS. It is the attempt by unregenerate man to rule the world without Christ! All of the occult wants the UN to come to FULL POWER, and to “reign over the kings of the earth” an exact fulfillment of Revelation 17:18!! Read what they write, it is ALL THERE!! The United Nations was built upon ground that was used as a CATTLE SLAUGHTERHOUSE. It is ground soaked in the BLOOD OF CATTLE. There is a reason why that land was used for the UNITED NATIONS, for it too will TURN UPON THE “CATTLE” (it’s subjects) and SLAUGHTER THEM WITHOUT MERCY, just as soon as she comes to full power.

Indeed America THE NATION has within it A MIGHTY CITY, NEW YORK CITY, and within the boundaries of that city SITS A TOWER OF REBELLION, A TOWER WE CALL THE UNITED NATIONS. THE FRONT FOR THE ILLUMINIST CONSPIRACY TO RULE THE WORLD, the front for the “rich men of the earth”,” the conspirators of Psalm 2!! Is it all “coincidence”? Is God blind, or are the false prophets of America blind?

Because the United Nations sits in America, then all of the nations of the world MUST COME TO AMERICA TO TAKE THEIR SEATS IN THE WORLD GOVERNMENT BODY. Because Babylon is the center of world trade, and is the largest importer of goods, and huge exporter of goods, all the nations that trade by sea and air will FLOW UNTO BABYLON AMERICA!! Thus it is that ALL THE NATIONS FLOW TO BAAL, THE THRONE OF SATAN. So then, if this is so, Babylon must be the primary central vortex for the political affairs of man upon earth!! All the nations will come to Babylon to solve the complex problems of INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS, and they will do so in a BODY POLITIC that is designed for that very purpose, AN INTERNATIONAL FORUM, a place to gather, to meet, to discuss, to decide what should be done!!

“And I will punish



and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up:



yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall

(Jeremiah 51:44).”


All the nations flow to the United Nations, to the seat of Baal, to sit at their international forum! The prophets are always 100% accurate! There is coming a time when the UN will be utterly destroyed, and the nations of the world will no longer flow to America, to the United Nations. God then says HE WILL BRING FORTH THAT WHICH BEL SWALLOWED UP.

CIS believes this could well be a reference to the RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD IN CHRIST AND GOD, whom Baal (Lucifer) destroyed during the purge called the TRIBULATION. God brings forth out the mouth of Baal Lucifer that which HE KILLED. Babylon is blamed for the persecution and killing of the people of God, both Christian and Jew (Revelation 18:24). The dead in the Lord lie in the pits dug by Lucifer, and God suddenly brings them forth, and then the time of God’s wrath begins upon Babylon.


We will cover this later, but to bring about the cold blooded murder of millions of Americans requires much advanced planning. The logistics of rounding up millions of Americans, of killing them and disposing of their bodies is a task that would require tremendous effort. It also must be done in total secrecy. Thus large concentration camps and detention centers must be set up and made ready, but they would have to be “off limits” and a cover story fabricated in case it became known. They would be for “other purposes”, such as military bases, etc. Rail cars and other methods of transportation must be made ready. The process of extermination must also be ready for the coming purge, AND THIS PLANNING MUST PRECEDE BY YEARS the actual beginning of the purge.

This is true because the Bible indicates that when the antichrist kingdom finally arrives, IT COMES IN RAPIDLY AND THE MURDERS BEGIN. You simply cannot murder the millions upon millions of people that Scripture says THE KING OF BABYLON ACCOMPLISHES unless it has been well planned out long in advance. It would not be possible to put such an operation into place in the 3.5 years allowed. Thus THE ANTICHRIST MURDER MACHINE APPARATUS WILL BE SECRETLY INSTALLED WITH MANY COVER STORIES AND EXCUSES WHEN THE CITIZENS OF BABYLON AMERICA BEGIN TO UNCOVER THESE THINGS.

Perhaps that is the reason why reports of CONCENTRATION CAMPS AND DETENTION CENTERS NOW READY have been coming in from all over America. Is this why Americans are reporting that funny looking FREIGHT TRAIN CARS, which seem to be for prisoner hauling are appearing with increasing frequency? Is that why we are hearing that HUGE COAL BURNING “POWERPLANTS” seems to be going up in and around PRISONS. Is that why there are a whole host of NEW PRISONS being built and demanded? These are RUMORS. and so far, there has been no verification of much of it. Is that why we have many confirmed sightings of BLACK HELICOPTERS all over America? Is this the final phase of their operations for Christian and Jewish extermination, the FINAL SOLUTION? Is this why AMERIKA IS GOING THE WAY OF GERMANY? Is that why the parallels between Germany and AMERIKA ARE ALMOST IDENTICAL? That all we await is OUR HITLER, THE ANTICHRIST?

The average American could never believe that such evil lies within the heart of man, least of all their OWN GOVERNMENT. Yet the Bible says it will happen, and IDENTIFIES who does it. IT IS AMERICA THAT DOES IT. Most newspapers are very reluctant to report on these “rumors”, and many deny them categorically. Criminal Politics Magazine claimed there was no such thing as “black helicopers”, and that it was all sheer rumour. IT IS A CONFIRMED FACT, SEEN BY HUNDREDS IF NOT THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, ALL OVER AMERICA. The editor has personally seen them RIGHT OVER HIS HOUSE! CIS has received many phone calls from housewives and other honest folks who are simply reporting what they are seeing. God’s Word says that the antichrist forces will murder millions of people once they are in power. Occult writings are very open about it, AS SOON AS THEY COME TO FULL POWER THEY PLAN TO MURDER MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. Hitler murdered millions of people once he came to power. Again, we must believe God and not the “rulers” of Babylon, or our “common sense” or our skeptics in the press!!

The Christians have got to learn to TRUST THE WORD OF GOD and not the liars of government, or religion. They have to learn that God’s Word IS THE TRUTH, and that evil always covers itself with lies, darkness and secrecy via diversions. The Bible prophecies against Babylon therefore suggest that BAAL’S THRONE IS IN NEW YORK CITY. The nations do flow to Babylon, to Baal in New York and the United Nations, and it is THIS LITERAL CITY, THAT GIVES THE ORDER TO KILL THE SAINTS OF GOD, WHO ARE THE CHRISTIANS (Revelation 17:6 & 18; Matthew 24:9; Daniel 7:25; Revelation 13:7).


America trades with every sea going nation in the world. New York City is the largest seaport city in the entire Western hemisphere! She has set up a tremendous MERCHANDISING OPERATION, WITH THE LARGEST IMPORTING AND EXPORTING OPERATION IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Towards the end, this huge business begins to falter and is destroyed.

“Because the LORD hath SPOILED BABYLON,


when her waves do roar like great waters, a noise of their voice is uttered:

(Jeremiah 51:55).”

Babylon the Great has a GREAT VOICE, one that is heard over the WHOLE EARTH. When Babylon speaks, the WHOLE WORLD LISTENS. She has the power to set up and destroy entire nations, kings, princes and rulers via her foreign policy, and her economic and military might. Those that openly oppose her wishes end up with trade embargoes, naval blockades, outright attacks or whatever the rulers of Babylon decide is appropriate for anyone arrogant enough to stand against her wishes!


cut asunder and broken! how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!

(Jeremiah 50:23).”

Babylon is called THE HAMMER OF THE WHOLE EARTH. The word hammer is “pattiysh”, which means TO POUND. It implies TO SHAPE BY POUNDING, TO FORCE BY VIOLENCE, TO FORCE THE WILL OF BABYLON UPON ALL NATIONS BY THE USE OF MILITARY POWER, THE THREAT OF WAR, OR ECONOMIC SANCTIONS. In other words, “comply or else” becomes the last day foreign policy of Babylon. This implies several things: FIRST, the military might of the NATION Babylon the Great is WITHOUT EQUAL. She has the greatest military in the world, and combined with other Scripture, her military power is HI-TECH, AND NO ONE CAN MATCH HER WEAPONS OF WAR. She forges over time the greatest military power the world will ever see!!

“How is Sheshach taken!


how is Babylon become an astonishment among the nations

(Jeremiah 51:41).”

Babylon is called the PRAISE OF THE WHOLE EARTH! Babylon is the wonder of all the nations. All the nations flow unto her and Baal for their economic lives depend upon Babylon! She is again depicted as the center of all world trade!! It was BABYLON’S RICH MEN, the mighty merchants, that FORGED A WORLD WIDE ECONOMIC SYSTEM, and THEIR DOLLAR was the STANDARD that all other currencies were weighed against. The rest of the world stands in awe at this mighty nation, at her lifestyle, at her standard of living, at her wealth, power, glory and ability. But it all comes to nothing, for Babylon forgets God, and turns on God’s people, and destroys them and the heritage she once had. What a sad ending for such a great nation.

How does such a thing happen? The people of America were not vigilant. They became materialistic, and they left the Word of the Lord. They went into deep apostasy. The drift away from God is SLOW. It takes many years, but finally, at the end, Babylon America is ANTICHRIST TO THE CORE, BUT THE PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE IT. IT IS A DECEPTION, A DECEPTION CAUSED BY APOSTASY FROM THE TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE.

“O thou that DWELLEST UPON




(Jeremiah 51:13).”

Again we find that the mighty nation Babylon DWELLS (OR SITS) UPON MANY WATERS. This nation’s home is a land that is surrounded by many different waters. She is therefore a SEAPORT NATION, A NATION THAT HAS MANY PORTS FOR HER TRADE WHICH SHE CARRIES ON BY SEA WITH OTHER NATIONS OF THE WORLD. She is also a nation that has citizens from every nation upon earth, and often the phrase “seas” or waters can refer to this fact. SHE DWELLS AND SITS UPON THE THRONE OF THE EARTH. She “sits” as QUEEN over many nations, peoples, tribes and tongues.

America has the largest seaport city in the West, which is New York City. She also has multiple seaports up and down her coastal lands. America fulfills this parameter 100%. She sits upon the ATLANTIC, THE PACIFIC, THE GULF OF MEXICO, THE GREAT LAKES, THE GULF OF ALASKA, THE BEARING SEA, AND THE ARCTIC OCEAN. She has the mighty Mississippi!! Indeed, without stretching one iota, America fulfills this parameter of the Lord’s, WITH 100% ACCURACY. No other nation often mentioned as BABYLON does so! MEN ARE LIARS, AND GOD TELLS THE TRUTH. THEREFORE BELIEVE GOD AND SAVE YOUR SOUL.

Babylon is also said, in this verse of Scripture, to be ABUNDANT IN TREASURE. She is a mighty nation, a large nation filled with all sorts of natural resources. She is rich in MINERALS, TIMBER, WILDLIFE, AGRICULTURE, ETC. She will have deposits of oil, natural gas, and numerous minerals which she can mine, refine and trade! She is a nation that has a tremendous natural resources that she exploits and markets to the entire world, via her multiple seaports and shipping.

This has ramifications to us. If Babylon is the largest trading nation of the world, with seaports all along her coast regions, then how does she MANUFACTURE ALL HER GOODS, AND SHIP THEM? This means manufacturing plants, a huge highway infrastructure, warehouses, airports, a HUGE INFRASTRUCTURE to support her HUGE TRADING SYSTEM. Does Iraq fulfill this parameter? Did it ever? Rome? Any of the nations of the EC? No! But America does!! She has the largest infrastructure of any nation in the world. There is NO OTHER NATION that can even come CLOSE to her highway systems, her airports, her manufacturing plants and that goes with it!!

“For in one hour so great riches is come to naught.

And every shipmaster, and all the company in ships,

and sailors, and AS MANY AS TRADE BY THE SEA,


(Revelation 18:17)”.

Revelation 18 substantiates the Old Testament prophets that LATTER DAY BABYLON IS A NATION WITH MANY SHIPPING LANES, AND MANY SEAPORTS. Those sailors and merchants literally WATCH BABYLON GO UP IN SMOKE! America, as has been stated, has multiple warm water sea ports, with the mighty CITY NEW YORK CITY, THE GREAT CITY BABYLON the largest seaport in the entire WESTERN HEMISPHERE!! SHE HAS SHIPPING LANES ON THE EAST, SOUTH WESTERN AND NOTHERN COASTS (ST. LAWRENCE SEAWAY AND GREAT LAKES).

Babylon trades with all the nations of the world, and forges the most complex trading and merchandising system the world will ever see. This trading system is forged over many years, and Babylon slowly waxes RICH, AND BECOMES THE RICHEST OF ALL THE NATIONS!! It is this trading system that propels BABYLON TO THE HEIGHT OF HER POWER. Via her wealth, she can afford the greatest military machine ever seen upon earth! She can afford to spend the money required to build huge corporations, huge foundations, because wealth begets more wealth!!


One of the other key parameters to identify Babylon is that her merchants are called the GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH:





(Revelation 18:23).”

This parameter is very strict in truth, for it requires that Babylon’s merchants BECOME THE LEADING MERCHANDISERS OF THE ENTIRE WORLD, and that their CORPORATIONS become GIANTS OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE. forging the most powerful trading system in the world. The corporations of Babylon grow to be huge conglomerates, which become MONOPOLIES, and their wealth becomes staggering. They have corporate headquarters in most nations, and their trading system forges a web that covers the entire globe. This large end time trading system is more powerful than Governments, and in fact, FORGES THE INDUSTRIAL- GOVERNMENTAL-MILITARY COMPLEX OF THE ANTICHRIST!

Does Iraq fit this parameter? Does Iraq have the largest corporations of the world? Does Rome? Does the EC? We know the answers to this. America, with her IBM, 3M, EXXON, GULF OIL, and long list of other huge corporations SPANS THE GLOBE, AND TRADES AND DEALS IN EVERY NATION UPON EARTH. Indeed, America fits this parameter like a glove, AND NO OTHER NATION UPON EARTH CAN BOAST OF THIS ACCOMPLISHMENT. American corporations have industrial plants all over the world, and their trading system has in fact formed a web that covers the whole earth, and has also forged an industrial, governmental and military complex the likes of which have never been seen before!!

The very center of this huge trading colossus is THE GREAT CITY BABYLON, NEW YORK CITY. The largest corporations of America, and the world, have headquarters or offices either in or near NEW YORK CITY. TO CONDUCT TRANSACTIONS ON WALL STREET and the World Trade Center. The largest stock market in the world sits in New York City, with the DOW JONES AND NEW YORK and AMEX STOCK EXCHANGES! If Wall Street falls, THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL FALL WITH IT. If the American business machine fails, THE ENTIRE TRADING SYSTEM OF THE WORLD FAILS WITH IT. The “rich men” all have offices in New York, regardless of their HOME NATION. New York is THE IMAGE OF BABYLON, THE GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD.


who have committed




when they shall see the smoke of


(Revelation 18:9).”

They wail and bemoan this mighty NATION BABYLON, for when Babylon is destroyed, THEIR ENTIRE TRADING SYSTEM GOES UP IN SMOKE WITH HER. Because most of the merchants of the earth have their money tied up in U.S. stocks, U.S. CORPORATIONS, AND LAND INVESTMENTS, and many have their gold and silver stored in America, when AMERICA IS DESTROYED, THEY ARE INSTANTLY BANKRUPT, and the entire system crashes to the ground! New York City REPRESENTS the wealth of America, just as the GREAT CITY BABYLON represents the wealth of THE NATION BABYLON. When the CITY BURNS, the NATION BURNS WITH HER.

Thus we can prove that America, the MIGHTY BABYLON, is the central hub of all world trade. The VELOCITY OF EXCHANGE in WALL STREET is unexcelled in the world. NEW YORK CITY IS THE WORLD’S FINANCIAL HUB, something that even the world’s largest bankers and financiers readily acknowledge in their writings. CNN’s MONBEYLINE announces it on every program!! Indeed, THE AMERICAN BUSINESSMEN, THE AMERICAN CORPORATE LEADERS, ARE THE GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH. With their INTERLOCKING DIRECTORSHIPS, with their connections to GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY LEADERS, these men wield tremendous power, and they are referred to as the “RICH MEN OF THE EARTH”. The word “Great” means LORDS. THUS THEY ARR THE “LORDS OF THE EARTH”.

You see, the entire BABYLONIAN SYSTEM is primarily ECONOMIC. It is from this ECONOMIC BASE that it has the power to forge a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE WORLD RELIGION, AND A ONE WORLD ECONOMY. It is the G-7 nations that are pushing for THE NEW WORLD ORDER. The G-7 are the richest nations upon earth! THE BIBLE DOES NOT LIE. It is from this economic base that the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH have been able to weave their web of financial control and then to LEND TO ALL NATIONS, AND REAP HUGE PROFITS FROM MANIPULATED INTEREST RATES, DEPRESSIONS AND RECESSIONS.

It is the “rich men of the earth” who rule the world behind the scenes, and who forge their occultic religion and force it upon the whole world. It is the “rich men of the earth” that the Bible says are the “killers of the just (James 5:6).” It is the rich men of the earth, the mighty merchants of Babylon, that SPILL THE BLOOD OF ALL THAT ARE SLAIN UPON THE EARTH (Revelation 18:24). God points the finger directly at these MIGHTY MEN OF FINANCE, and lays the blame right at their feet. Via her monetary manipulations, Babylon caused WORLD WARS, and murdered millions of people doing it. These rich men of the earth are the very heart of ALL THE EVILS UPON EARTH. As their home is Babylon, then it is no accident that their FRONT ORGANIZATION, THE UNITED NATIONS IS ALSO IN BABYLON.

If one examines the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderburgers, and the host of other spin off organizations, we will find them TO BE COMPOSED OF THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. If we examine who sits on the boards of foundations and the large corporations, we will find THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. If we examine the doctrines of these men, WE FIND WORLD GOVERNMENT, A WORLD ECONOMIC SYSTEM AND A WORLD RELIGION AT THE VERY CORE OF THEIR THOUGHTS. WHY? BECAUSE IT BENIFETS THEM GREATLY, AND OPENS THE ENTIRE WORLD FOR THEIR PLUNDERING.

Now then, if we examine the FOUNDING FATHERS OF THE UNITED NATIONS, WE FIND THE RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. If we examine who is behind the “ecology movement” and the foundations that are grabbing up all the land, we find “the rich men of the earth”. At the bottom of it all ARE THE RICH MEN, THE MIGHTY MERCHANTS OF BABYLON. Therefore we have a double verification: Babylon is THE NATION that is the RICHEST ON EARTH. Within it are the RICH MEN. Within the NATION BABYLON IS A MIGHTY CITY, the city of WEALTH, MONEY, AND POWER, THE HOME OF THE RICH MEN. Within the city lies a MODERN TOWER OF BABEL, THE UNITED NATIONS, FUNDED BY THE SAME RICH MEN. It is no coincidence. “As it was, so shall it be…” said Jesus. He knew of what He spoke.

Babylon America is the only nation that fulfills these parameters when compared to the other restrictions of the prophets. There is no other nation upon earth that even comes close. There is not any GROUP OF NATIONS that comes close. BELIEVE GOD. If Babylon is indeed the richest nation in the world, then it stands to reason that her citizens would also enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. This is not to say there are not the poor in Babylon, but that the average citizen of the country would enjoy a standard of living UNKNOWN to the vast majority of the earth’s population. The wealth and style of living in Babylon is one of opulence, pleasure, greed and luxury.

· Isaiah 47:8: “given to pleasures.”

· Isaiah 47:9: “great abundance of thine enchantments.”

· Jeremiah 50:37: “her horses…her chariots, her treasures…”

· Jeremiah 50:38: “they are MAD UPON THEIR IDOLS.”

· Jeremiah 51:13: “abundant in treasure.”

· Jeremiah 51:13: “the measure of thy covetousness.”

· Revelation 18:3: “abundance of her delicacies.”

· Revelation 18:7: “and lived deliciously.”

· Revelation 18:14: “all things which were dainty and goodly…”

· Revelation 18:16: “clothed in fine linen, and purple and scarlet.”

· Revelation 18:19: “by reason of her costliness.”

There is no mistake here. The citizens of Babylon enjoy the highest standard of living known in the world. There is no place upon earth like America, the Mighty Babylon. Americans who travel abroad will tell you that there is nothing like America, or the dainties and goodies of American life. The citizens of Babylon America are mad upon their idols. They worship pleasure and have a multitude of idols that they have set up. In the Bible, an idol is anything that gets in the way of the worship of God or Jesus Christ. An idol is anything that TAKES THE PLACE OF GOD OR CHRIST BEING FIRST IN THE LIFE OF THAT PERSON. Americans have put sports of all types above the worship of God. Baseball, football, basketball, softball, hockey are only a few of the sports involved. Surfing, flying, sky diving, boating, model aircraft, and a multitude of other hobbies are placed ahead of God and Christ, Then we have SEX, which includes adulteries, prostitution, fornication, pornography, homosexuality, perversions of all types which Americans have sold themselves into.

The pleasures of Babylon are many, so many they cannot even begin to be named. America does not worship God or Christ, it worships ITS IDOLS, which it has gone insane upon. The Christians in America are no different from the unbelievers. They must be entertained with music, television, movies, videos, books plays, concerts and all types of DIVERSIONS that have become the idols instead of true worship. Their houses of worship have become huge TV production houses, and rather than worship, they have huge productions to entertain their “followers”.

IT WILL ALL COME TO NAUGHT, IN A MOMENT, IN ONE HOUR. It will suddenly be over, with millions swept into eternal ruin and loss. The American Christian, of which the vast majority are totally UNREGENERATE according to the Scriptures, because they have rejected the way of the truth, will likewise be swept away into eternal ruin, never to escape, never to obtain a reprieve. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF THEM. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE ONE OF THEM. Thus is Babylon portrayed as the QUEEN OF THE NATIONS, THE LADY OF THE KINGDOMS, THE GLORY OF THE WORLD’S NATIONS, THE PRAISE OF THE WHOLE EARTH. It is fitting therefore, that America has, in the harbor of the GREAT CITY BABYLON, NEW YORK, a LADY THAT STANDS AS A SENTINEL TO HER DOORS.

This lady, quite fittingly, LIFTS HER ARM UP HIGH IN THE SKY, WITH A GOLDEN TORCH (CUP) IN HER HANDS. She beacons to the world, and the world has indeed GONE MAD OVER BABYLON, AND HAS INDEED DRUNK OF THE WINE OF HER FORNICATION. And yet, we have not begun to touch the parameters of God for this mighty end time nation Babylon the Great. We have not even begun to prove that America is and must be Babylon the Great. We have only skimmed the surface of parameters. In our next issue, we shall further examine these parameters, and will substantiate with further evidence that America is indeed DESTINED FOR AN EVIL AND UNTIMELY END.

America had it all. She did not consider her latter end. She did not consider she was not eternal, but only a nation among the nations of the world. She did not consider that God is SOVEREIGN, who sets up and tears down nations and leaders at His will and pleasure. Babylon America did not consider that she was a speck of dust in the hand of the Lord. She did not consider that ANY NATION THAT REJECTS GOD IS TURNED INTO HELL. She forgot God, and she left the fear of God. She turned and fought against God and His anointed.

Her end, and the end of her leaders, the arrogant rulers, Supreme Court Judges, lawyers, businessmen is one of fire and eternal ruin. The tables of her rulers, and the tables of the false shepherds of Babylon, the Christian leaders ARE FILLED WITH VOMIT. THEY HAVE BECOME VILE TO THE LORD. THEY ARE EVIL, WITHOUT ABILITY TO REPENT. They must continue in their course right into the fires of hell itself. Only then will they realize THEIR DELUSIONS. Only then will they realize, too late, what a GRAND DELUSION THEY LABORED UNDER. What a pity, what a waste, what a shame. Even so, COME, LORD JESUS.



The vast majority of Christians in the United States have been taught that America is simply not in Bible prophecy. No matter where one may turn, America is not there, either by name or by any form of code name either. Thus say the host of America’s Christian clergy to their flock. The second thing they are told is that Babylon is NEVER TAUGHT ANYWHERE IN SCRIPTURE AS A NATION. Babylon is a SYSTEM, and most view it as a RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF SOME SORT.

Prophecy said these views would surface at the time of end. It is the mark of apostasy to DENY YOUR IDENTITY, YOUR SIN, AND THE TIME OF YOUR VISITATION. In fact, that is the essence of all apostasy, THE REJECTION OF SCRIPTURE AS IT APPLIES TO A PERSON, COMMUNITY OR NATION. It is always SOMEONE ELSE, SOMEWHERE ELSE, AND AT SOME UNKNOWN “FUTURE TIME”. Never is it NOW, US and OUR NATION.

Does it not seem odd to you that America, the GREATEST NATION IN THE WORLD, the greatest evangelical nation; that took the Gospel of Christ to the four corners of the world; THE RICHEST NATION ON THE EARTH, who has given more aid to nations than any other; THE NATION TO HAVE WON TWO MAJOR WORLD WARS and many others; IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE? That God would forget a nation that has been central to the survival of Israel in this age? Not even in a cryptic way?

That is like saying God is blind in one eye, and cannot see out of the other! It is accusing God of utter negligence! But it is not God who is NEGLIGENT. It is not God who FORGOT AMERICA in prophecy. It is not God who failed to paint a picture that was obvious to those that wanted to find it. IT IS NOT GOD, BUT THE FALSE PROPHETS OF AMERICA WHO HAVE UTTERLY FAILED THEIR FLOCK. They are DECEIVED, AND THUS ARE DECEIVERS AND HYPOCRITES, FOR THEY LEAD MILLIONS TO ETERNAL RUIN.

God told the citizens of BABYLON THE GREAT, AMERICA, exactly what would happen in America, and pointed a finger directly at the CHRISTIAN SHEPHERDS. Why do you suppose that God would do that? Why would He pick a specific group and lay the blame right at their feet? Because it is GOD’S PEOPLE WHO ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY THE ANTICHRIST NATION, THE NATION THAT SPAWNS ANTICHRIST. Remember that antichrist rises in DECEPTION.

“My people (Christians) hath been LOST SHEEP





The shepherds of God’s people in Babylon America embrace a FALSE SALVATION GOSPEL (Matthew 7:21-23; 2 Peter 2:1-3), which leads MILLIONS into eternal ruin. Their salvation Gospel is an UTTERLY FALSE GOSPEL. It is “sugar-coated”, and an ALL POSITIVE GOSPEL. That is what Jeremiah means when he says: “they have turned them AWAY on the MOUNTAINS; they have gone from MOUNTAIN TO HILL, they have FORGOTTEN THEIR RESTING PLACE.”


“We are confounded, because we have heard REPROACH;



(Jeremiah 51:51).”

Indeed, the false Christian clergy ARE STRANGERS and they hold forth a FALSE GOSPEL, that leads to their REPROACH AND LOSS at the judgment seat of Christ. They shall one and all BE ASHAMED, and now face ETERNAL RUIN FOR EVER AND EVER. This is the primary reason why AMERICAN CHRISTIANS reject that America is Babylon. They have been UTTERLY MISLEAD BY FALSE SHEPHERDS. It is part of prophecy. BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ONE OF THEM! You can extricate yourself from God’s disfavor by SIMPLY ACCEPTING WHAT GOD SAYS AS FACT, and rejecting all the nonsense of these hell bound false leaders.

In this first part of our investigation we will focus on the aspect of whether or not God teaches that Babylon the Great is in fact A NATION AMONG THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD. GOD SAYS BABYLON IS A NATION. To claim otherwise is to utterly contradict GOD and all of HIS PROPHETS that spoke of BABYLON. The mark of a FALSE TEACHER is one who DENIES OR CONTRADICTS THE WORD OF GOD, usually in an effort to prove his/her views correct. WE ARE ALL LIARS, AND GOD IS THE ONLY ONE WHO TELLS THE TRUTH.

The issue before you, then, is not your opinion, your biases, your intelligence, your standing before God, your education or your denominational belief structure. IT IS WHETHER OR NOT YOU WILL ACCEPT WHAT GOD HAS TO SAY EXACTLY AS HE SAYS IT. The vast majority of Christians WILL NOT ACCEPT WHAT GOD HAS TO SAY. They refuse it, alter it, deny it, contradict it, or pervert it, and twist it. THIS IS EXACTLY WHY CHRIST SAID THE VAST MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS WILL NEVER ENTER HEAVEN AT ALL. They shall be ETERNALLY SENT AWAY INTO RUIN AND LOSS. It was not that they COULD NOT ACCEPT WHAT GOD SAID, but THAT THEY WOULD NOT.




Babylon is referred to in the Scriptures as a nation both directly and indirectly. Often the term KINGDOM and NATION are used interchangeably. We will first of all examine those areas in the Old Testament prophecies that identify BABYLON THE GREAT as a nation, as a SINGULAR ENTITY, not some world wide system. Jeremiah 50:12 is a good place to start:

“Your mother shall be sore confounded;

she that bare you shall be ashamed:


shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert.”

This is a direct reference to BABYLON THE GREAT, who is also called THE DAUGHTER OF BABYLON. Jeremiah calls her directly THE HINDERMOST OF THE NATIONS. You view this his perspective, as he looks down the tunnel of time – the HINDERMOST from him would be the LAST BABYLON. That means the LAST BABYLON TO RISE BEFORE THE END. The last and the YOUNGEST OF ALL THE GREAT NATIONS AT THE END TIME. In comparison with the other nations of the world, at the time of the end, SHE WILL BE THE YOUNGEST AND ALSO THE MOST POWERFUL NATION AMONG THE GREAT NATIONS. America fits that description perfectly. She is the YOUNGEST and yet the most powerful NATION among the NATIONS of the world.

We know for a fact that this must refer to a limited LAND MASS AREA WITH SPECIFIC BOUNDARIES, for THE WHOLE WORLD IS NOT DESTROYED, but BABYLON THE NATION IS DESTROYED. This latter day Babylon has a mother, which is also a NATION. This mother was responsible for “birthing” this mighty Babylon of the end times. If Iraq is Babylon as some try to claim, WHO IS THE MOTHER OF IRAQ? If you read this verse carefully, it says that the MOTHER NATION PRECEDED BABYLON, GAVE BIRTH TO HER, WATCHES HER RISE TO FULL POWER, AND WATCHES HER DIE IN FIRE. Again, WHO IS THE MOTHER OF IRAQ? Iraq has none.

Who is the mother of Rome, which is often presented as BABYLON? Rome is not a nation, but a city. Further, SHE HAS NO MOTHER. Who is the mother of the EC, which is often presented as BABYLON, THE REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE? In point of fact, SHE WILL HAVE NO MOTHER, and further, BABYLON THE GREAT is always shown as a SINGLE NATION FROM HER BIRTH TO HER RISE TO FULL POWER AND GLORY. The EC does not qualify. Each parameter must be fulfilled. You CANNOT PICK AND CHOSE that which you wish to present to prove your case.

However, AMERICA has a mother. This mother was DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR HER BIRTH. That mother PRECEDED HER. England has been around awhile. England gave birth to America, and England is still around, and ENGLAND WILL WATCH AMERICA BURN. England is further confirmed as the mother of BABYLON THE GREAT by Daniel the Prophet in Daniel 7:4 (THE LION). Ezekiel also mentions it in Ezekiel 38/39 as “TARSHISH”, who gives birth to “young cubs”. Tarshish is a cryptic reference to ENGLAND and her young cubs are America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Daniel refers to her as a LION. The national symbol of England is A LION. The eagle wings on top the lion IS AMERICA, HER DAUGHTER. America’s national symbol is THE EAGLE WITH OUTSTRETCHED WINGS.

BABYLON THE GREAT IS A NATION. We would not need any other reference to prove it, because ONE DIRECT REFERENCE IS ENOUGH! There are many more. Habakkuk is a key prophet in identification of BABYLON THE GREAT. He is usually ignored by prophecy “experts”.

“For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans (New Babylon),


which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwellingplaces

that are not their’s

(Habakkuk 1:6)”.

Notice the term NATION. Not NATIONS, or any GROUP OF NATIONS, but always ONE NATION, A SINGULAR NATION. Again God calls BABYLON THE GREAT A NATION. She is also referred to as a KINGDOM, the same as a nation. Babylon is always referred to IN THE SINGULAR.


the beauty of the Chaldee’s excellency,

shall be as when God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah

(Isaiah 13:19).”

Here Isaiah calls Babylon A KINGDOM, in fact, she IS THE QUEEN AMONG ALL THE KINGDOMS/NATIONS OF THE EARTH. She is the leading power of the WHOLE WORLD. Notice her end: BY FIRE. That is EXACTLY WHAT JEREMIAH SAYS, and that is EXACTLY WHAT REVELATION 17 and 18 say. SHE WILL BE BURNED UTTERLY WITH FIRE. From coast to coast, from sea to shining sea. There is a complete HARMONY OF SCRIPTURE.

“Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness,


for thou shalt no more be called,


(Isaiah 47:5).”

Isaiah again refers to her as THE QUEEN OF ALL THE KINGDOMS. She is presented in Scripture as being the MOST POWERFUL OF ALL END TIME NATIONS. None can come close to her in terms to WEALTH, POWER, MILITARY, AGRICULTURE, MANUFACTURING, MU-SIC, CATTLE, HORSES, AUTO-MOBILES AND TRUCKS, AIR-CRAFT AND SPACE EXPLORATION. All of these attributes are listed by the prophets as they describe BABYLON THE NATION. The point being she is REPEATEDLY REFERRED TO AS A SINGULAR KINGDOM, A SINGULAR NATION.

Babylon the Great is also referred to as the DAUGHTER OF BABYLON, and also THE DAUGHTER OF THE CHALDEANS. It is important to note that IT IS AGAIN A SINGULAR DAUGHTER. It is not DAUGHTER(S) OF BABYLON, but the ONE SINGULAR DAUGHTER. The word for “daughter” is “bath”, and it means OFFSPRING OR DESCENDENT of Babylon. LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER. It means that this DAUGHTER OF BABYLON will be OF THE SAME TYPE, OF THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS.

Ancient Babylon was the splendor of the world. She was the center of world trade, the richest and most powerful nation in the known world. Jesus said that AS IT WAS, SO SHALL IT BE!

“For thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel;

THE DAUGHTER OF BABYLON is like a threshingfloor,

it is time to thresh her: yet a little while,

and the time of her harvest shall come

(Jeremiah 51:33).”


“Come down, and sit in the dust, O VIRGIN DAUGHTER OF BABYLON,

sit on the ground: THERE IS NO THRONE,


for thou shalt no more be called TENDER AND DELICATE

(Isaiah 47:1).”


The Lord also uses the word “MOUNTAIN” to describe a kingdom or nation. Jeremiah 51 is a prophecy against the nation Babylon. Jeremiah says in 51:25:

“Behold, I am against thee, O DESTROYING MOUNTAIN,

saith the Lord, which destroyest ALL THE EARTH:

and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee,

and roll thee down from the rocks (other nations), and will make thee a


Notice again it is a SINGULAR MOUNTAIN, not MOUNTAINS in the plural. Notice how the Lord calls BABYLON THE GREAT A MOUNTAIN, and the other nations are ROCKS. So Babylon, compared to the other NATIONS OF THE WORLD, is a MOUNTAIN AMONG THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD. She is again portrayed as the BIGGEST, MOST POWERFUL SINGULAR NATION IN THE WORLD.

With one accord, the prophets say that BABYLON IS A SINGULAR NATION. This is vital to your understanding AS TO WHY AMERICA PLAYS THE ROLE SHE PLAYS IN END TIME PROPHECY. It is America, THE NATION BABYLON THE GREAT, that is held responsible BY GOD for all the evils that spread over the whole earth. IT IS FROM THE NATION BABYLON THE GREAT, and specifically FROM THE LITERAL CITY WITHIN THE NATIONAL BOUNDARIES OF BABYLON, CALLED MYSTERY BABYLON, THE GREAT CITY BABYLON, that all of these systems are spawned and nourished by the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH. In short, NEW YORK CITY, the GREATEST CITY WITHIN AMERICA, is held by God as being the CHIEF INSTIGATOR AND PROPAGATOR OF ALL THE EVIL SYSTEMS SHE CREATES.

The argument that Babylon is ONLY A WORLD SYSTEM utterly contradicts the Lord God and his prophets. BABYLON IS ALWAYS PRESENTED AS A NATION THAT GOES FORTH FROM ONE SPECIFIC LOCATION AND FROM THAT LOCATION CONQUERS THE WHOLE WORLD THROUGH THE SYSTEMS SHE CREATED. A spider weaves a large web, but she has to start from one place. Scripture is adamant and clear: SHE BEGINS AT BABYLON THE NATION, AND BABYLON THE CITY. Through her slowly expanding system of trade, economics, military power, political power and religious power, BABYLON’S WEB SNARES THE WORLD.

That is why God says that THE BLOOD OF THE SAINTS, THE PROPHETS AND ALL THAT WERE SLAIN UPON THE EARTH (Revelation 18:24), CAN BE TRACED BACK TO BABYLON THE NATION, AND TO BABYLON THE LITERAL CITY. It always comes back to roost at the feet of a SINGULAR NATION AND A CITY. America is turning rapidly ANTI-CHRISTIAN. The UNITED NATIONS, for all of its speech about HATRED AND INTOLORENCE, is ANTI-CHRISTIAN TO ITS CORE. God speaks to the United Nations in the Psalms, and MOCKS THEM for taking HIS WORDS IN THEIR MOUTH and then PERVERTING THEM, REVERSING THEM.

The KING OF BABYLON THE NATION, is presented in the Scripture AS THE ANTICHRIST (LUCIFER). THIS KING, OF THE NATION BABYLON THE GREAT, goes forth and conquers and then RULES OVER THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD. Check Isaiah 14:4-6, Jeremiah 51:25; 44; Habakkuk 1:6-10; 2:4-5; Revelation 13:7-8; 17:18; 18:24, and you will see this. It is THE KING OF BABYLON in every single instance that GOES FORTH TO CONQUER AND TO DESTROY AND RULE THE NATIONS. It is ALWAYS BABYLON THE NATION AND THE CITY, from whence he gets his POWER TO DO IT. It is BABYLON THE NATION, through its deceptive front THE UNITED NATIONS, that rules the world FROM THE GREAT CITY BABYLON, which is NEW YORK CITY. That is why the UN is located in NEW YORK. It is no accident. It is not a coincidence!!

That means that THE KING OF BABYLON must be, and has to be, A PRESIDENT/RULER OVER BABYLON THE NATION, and will also be at the end, A SUPER SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, A WORLD PRESIDENT. The occult knows ALL OF THIS. It is in almost all of their writings. They have written about the SECRET DESTINY OF AMERICA. Isaiah and Jeremiah claim the occult have labored from the inception of the nation to bring LUCIFER into the world. If the OCCULT FORCES KNOW THAT AMERICA IS TO SPAWN AND BE RULED BY LUCIFER (THE KING OF BABYLON), then why cannot Christians ACCEPT IT?

The ANSWER LIES IN THE REJECTION OF THE WORD OF GOD; IN APOSTASY. It lies in an utter refusal to ACCEPT GOD AT HIS WORD. Jeremiah said the Christian leaders in America would UTTERLY REJECT THE TRUTH OF SCRIPTURE, and lead their flocks astray. THAT PROPHECY HAS BEEN FULFILLED IN AMERICA. If you refuse these parameters, you will never understand why America is getting involved, through its front the UNITED NATIONS, in many nations around the world! It is THE KING OF BABYLON or the antichrist (LUCIFER), that goes forth and conquers the nations of the world, AND RULES THEM IN ANGER. You have to START from some specific location, AND THAT LOCATION IS AMERICA, THE NATION, BABYLON THE GREAT.

As one might expect, A NATION would have CITIES within her borders, and if that is true, there would be a reference to same:

“…and I will kindle a fire IN HIS CITIES….

(Jeremiah 50:32).’;

“HER CITIES are a desolation,…

(Jeremiah 51:43).”

We find specific references to the CITIES OF BABYLON THE GREAT. The NATION has cities, and great ones at that, for THE CITY BABYLON is a mirror reflection of the NATION and her OTHER CITIES. Thus, in America, NEW YORK CITY is a reflection of MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, CHICAGO, LOS ANGELES, SAN DIEGO, SAN FRANCISCO, DALLAS, HOUSTON, ATLANTA, ETC. The nation is portrayed as the greatest NATION IN THE WORLD. There is none her equal anywhere on the globe. A nation would also have VAST LAND AREAS. If Babylon is truly a NATION, then references to her LAND would be found:

“And against her LAND..”

“that shalt make her land desolate…”

“go forth out of the land.”

“the sound of battle is in the land..”

“In the land of the Chaldeans..”

“out of the LAND of Babylon..”

“It is the LAND of graven images..”

“and shall empty HER LAND..”

“A LAND where no man dwelleth..”

“Her WHOLE LAND shall be confounded…”


“from the LAND of the Chaldeans…”

It should be self evident that BABYLON IS A SINGULAR NATION. She has huge cities, but one VERY SPECIAL CITY, THE LARGEST CITY WITHIN HER BORDERS THAT IS ALSO THE LARGEST SEAPORT CITY OF THE NATION! She has a huge land mass, and thus has NATIONAL BOUNDARIES. She is recognized in the family of NATIONS as the greatest nation in the whole earth. America fulfills that parameter.

The context is plain and simple. BABYLON THE GREAT IS AN END TIME NATION, THAT PLAYS A MAJOR ROLE IN END TIME EVENTS, A SINGULAR ENTITY. To claim otherwise is to UTTERLY CONTRADICT GOD. It is to spit in His face and call him a liar. The refusal to accept the fact that BABYLON THE GREAT IS A NATION AMONG THE NATIONS is one of the PRIMARY REASONS why many modern day prophetic scholars cannot understand WORLD EVENTS, as they relate to literal prophecy. They do not understand who America is, nor WHAT SHE WILL DO. They reject with mocking and vehemence all suggestions that America is BABYLON THE GREAT. They are thus DECEIVED, AND ARE DECEIVING OTHERS.

They are looking at the EC and some form of REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE, which according to the Scripture, WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Did you know that John the Revelator UTTERLY DENIES A REVIVAL OF ROME? He does! This is not to say the EC is not important, for the EC is in reality the formation of BIOREGION TWO of the UNITED NATIONS TEN WORLD REGIONS. It too will pay a major role in the future. So these folks are always looking at some other place, while ALL OF IT IS HAPPENING RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSE. The United Nations is rising up right in front of them, the American government is becoming more draconian and dictatorial, more and more openly antichrist, and is now involved in the actual extermination of Christians, such as the Randy Weaver case and the WACO Branch Davidians. and the false prophets CHEERED THEM ON! The nation is engulfed in every antichrist religion in the world, and the false prophets are TOTALLY BLIND AS TO WHY! However, by their refusal to accept the Word of God they fulfill the prophecies against the shepherds of Babylon.

This nation, this SINGULAR ENTITY has certain key CHARACTERISTICS that identify her. In the next issue we will review these PARAMETERS to prove that AMERICA, AND AMERICA ONLY MUST BE, AND IS, BABYLON THE GREAT. There is no other nation upon earth that fulfills the parameters listed for BABYLON THE GREAT, NOT ONE, NOT ANYWHERE! AMERICA ALONE DOES. It is not IRAQ; IT IS NOT ROME; IT IS NOT THE EC. IT IS AMERICA. When you finally begin to grasp that one central key fact, then THE REST OF THE PROPHETIC PICTURE WILL COME INTO CLEAR FOCUS, and you will know WHY AMERICA IS DOING WHAT SHE IS DOING ALL OVER THE WORLD.

You will know why the United Nations is located in New York City. You will understand WHY the nations of the world ALL COME TO BABYLON AMERICA AT THE GREAT TOWER OF BABEL ON THE HUDSON. You will know why America is becoming the headquarters for every anti-God, anti-Christ religion in the world, for it is the CENTRAL SEAT OF BAAL, another name for SATAN/LUCIFER. America is the center of ALL OCCULT ACTIVITY. It falls to the occult. It falls to MYSTERY, and when it does, IT TURNS UPON ITS HERITAGE WITH A VENGENCE and destroys the people of God, and it will use TERRORISM as it primary weapon, claiming that FUNDAMENTALISTS ARE CAPABLE OF, OR CARRYING OUR “ACTS OF TERRORISM”. The media will hype it. Don’t believe it? Stay around for a few short months or years – and you will watch it happen in front of your eyes. THERE WILL BE A KILLING FIELDS OF AMERICA. God decreed it. It will happen.

You will also understand WHY America was born AS A GODLY, CHRIST FEARING NATION, and why she turns and utterly destroys her heritage and rises up as the LEADING CHRIST HATING NATION IN THE WORLD. It has happened exactly as Jeremiah said it would. You will know why NEW YORK’S WALL STREET is the financial capitol of the world, and why the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH all have offices in THE GREAT CITY BABYLON. You will know why the WORLD TRADE CENTER sits in New York City. You will understand why the New York Stock Exchange is the most important exchange in the world. If Wall Street falls, the WHOLE WORLD FALLS WITH IT! Youl will know why CNN’s MONEYLINE with LOU DOBBS comes on the air with the statment “FROM FINANCIAL CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”, located in NEW YORK CITY, BABYLON THE GREAT CITY, home of THE UNITED NATIONS.

You will know why New York City is the largest SEAPORT CITY in the Western Hemisphere, and why America is surrounded by warm water seaports and trades by the sea with every nation upon earth. You will see why God said she “sits upon many waters”, that is, SHE IS SURROUNDED BY LARGE BODIES OF WATER each with a different name. Thus the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, The Arctic, the Great Lakes, the mighty Mississippi. You will see what God meant when he said that Babylon the Great would be a nation formed out of every tribe and tongue on earth, who slowly migrated to ONE NATION and formed THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD. That is why America has “E PLURIBUS UNUM” as it’s motto! It was foretold by God!

You will understand why the U.S. Military is being used by the United Nations, for God said Babylon would have the greatest military machine the world ever knew or ever would know, but in the end, because she rejected Christ, it would fail her. YOU WILL KNOW WHY THE AMERICAN MILITARY IS BEING DOWNSIZED AND IT’S LEADERS ARE CLAIMING THERE IS NO MAJOR THREAT – FOR GOD SAID THEY WOULD DO EXACTLY THAT.

You will know why America is the central nation involved in GLOBALISM, and is the chief instigator of the NEW WORLD ORDER, and why it is America that issued State Department Document 7277. You will know why American Corporations and their leaders have spanned the globe, for they are the MIGHTY MERCHANTS OF BABYLON THE GREAT, whom God calls THE GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH. You will understand why AMERICA WILL BE, AND HAS TO BE THE KEY ANTICHRIST NATION OF THE END TIMES. It is the KING OF BABYLON OF THE NATION BABYLON, that is the LUCIFER. He will go forth in anger and RULE THE WORLD FROM NEW YORK CITY, called the GOLDEN CITY, right at the UNITED NATIONS. (Isaiah 14:4-6). You will understand why the United Nations will be granted the right to TAX, and why it will destroy the nations through that ability! IT IS COMING, AND COMING FAST.

You will know all of this because GOD TOLD US via his prophets, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Habakkuk, and a host of others that the NATION, BABYLON THE GREAT, would be all of this and much more. Jesus Christ said that as it was in the days of Noah, so would it be again. Many Christians do not realize that Noah lived 350 years AFTER the flood. He saw Nimrod’s BABYLONIA (The nation). He saw the MIGHTY CITY BABYLON that sat within the boundaries of the nation Babylonia. He saw the TOWER OF BABEL, that was beside the GREAT CITY. AS IT WAS, SO IT SHALL BE AGAIN.

There will be a NATION, at the time of the end, that is A TYPE of ancient BABYLONIA, an offspring, a look alike DAUGTER. Within this New Babylonia will be a large city BY A RIVER. This large city BY A RIVER will reflect the wealth and power of the nation. Within the area of THE GREAT CITY BY A RIVER will be a TOWER OF BABEL, which represents A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, A GLOBAL ECONOMY, AND A GLOBAL RELIGION.


It is mere coincidence that America reflects in every way ancient Babylonia? From her laws to her three class system, she mimics ancient Babylon. Is it mere coincidence that within the confines of America’s boundaries lies a CITY ON A RIVER? That is known as BABYLON ON THE HUDSON? Is it coincidence that within that City, is a glass tower that sits BY THE RIVER, and that tower represents man’s attempt to rule the world without God? Is it coincidence that the United Nation’s religion is identical to ANCIENT NIMROD? That the UN stands for GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, and is pushing hard for a one world economy, and wants the world to embrace her RELIGION?

You have a choice to make. You can either believe God or the false prophets of Babylon. You can either accept the truth of Scripture, or the apostasy of the false shepherds. You can either save your soul, and count it worthy, or you can hate your soul, and cast your lot with the Babylonian false shepherds of eternal ruin. IT IS YOUR CHOICE.



It will become very clear to you why AMERICA will produce ANTICHRIST. He will rise up right in front of the noses of the apostate Christians who will embrace Him with their whole heart, for they REJECTED TRUTH, REJECTED GOD, AND REJECTED CHRIST. It will be the deception of all deceptions. YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT DECEPTION! “COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, THAT YE NOT BE PARTAKERS OF HER PLAGUES.

Part Two


The Purpose of War According to George Orwell (1984)

The primary aim of modern warfare is to use up the products of the machine without raising the general standard of living. Ever since the end of the nineteenth century, the problem of what to do with the surplus of consumption goods has been latent in industrial society. From the moment when the machine first made its appearance it was clear to all thinking people that the need for human drudgery, and therefore to a great extent for human inequality, had disappeared. If the machine were used deliberately for that end, hunger, overwork, dirt, illiteracy, and disease could be eliminated within a few generations. And in fact, without being used for any such purpose, but by a sort of automatic process — by producing wealth which it was sometimes impossible not to distribute — the machine did raise the living standards of the average human being very greatly over a period of about fifty years at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. But it was also clear that an all-round increase in wealth threatened the destruction — indeed, in some sense was the destruction — of a hierarchical society. In a world in which everyone worked short hours, had enough to eat, lived in a house with a bathroom and a refrigerator, and possessed a motor-car or even an airplane, the most obvious and perhaps the most important form of inequality would already have disappeared. If it once became general, wealth would confer no distinction. It was possible, no doubt, to imagine a society in which wealth, in the sense of personal possessions and luxuries, should be evenly distributed, while power remained in the hands of a small privileged caste. But in practice such a society could not long remain stable. For if leisure and security were enjoyed by all alike, the great mass of human beings who are normally stupefied by poverty would become literate and would learn to think for themselves; and when once they had done this, they would sooner or later realize that the privileged minority had no function, and they would sweep it away. In the long run, a hierarchical society was only possible on a basis of poverty and ignorance.

To return to the agricultural past, as some thinkers about the beginning of the twentieth century dreamed of doing, was not a practicable solution. It conflicted with the tendency towards mechanization which had become quasi-instinctive throughout almost the whole world, and moreover, any country which remained industrially backward was helpless in a military sense and was bound to be dominated, directly or indirectly, by its more advanced rivals. Nor was it a satisfactory solution to keep the masses in poverty by restricting the output of goods. This happened to a great extent during the final phase of capitalism, roughly between 1920 and 1940. The economy of many countries was allowed to stagnate, land went out of cultivation, capital equipment was not added to, great blocks of the population were prevented from working and kept half alive by State charity. But this, too, entailed military weakness, and since the privations it inflicted were obviously unnecessary, it made opposition inevitable. The problem was how to keep the wheels of industry turning without increasing the real wealth of the world. Goods must be produced, but they must not be distributed. And in practice the only way of achieving this was by continuous warfare. The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent. Even when weapons of war are not actually destroyed, their manufacture is still a convenient way of expending labor power without producing anything that can be consumed. A Floating Fortress, for example, has locked up in it the labor that would build several hundred cargo-ships. Ultimately it is scrapped as obsolete, never having brought any material benefit to anybody, and with further enormous labors another Floating Fortress is built.

In principle the war effort is always so planned as to eat up any surplus that might exist after meeting the bare needs of the population. In practice the needs of the population are always underestimated, with the result that there is a chronic shortage of half the necessities of life; but this is looked on as an advantage. It is deliberate policy to keep even the favored groups somewhere near the brink of hardship, because a general state of scarcity increases the importance of small privileges and thus magnifies the distinction between one group and another. By the standards of the early twentieth century, even a member of the Inner Party lives an austere, laborious kind of life. Nevertheless, the few luxuries that he does enjoy his large, well-appointed flat, the better texture of his clothes, the better quality of his food and drink and tobacco, his two or three servants, his private motor-car or helicopter—set him in a different world from a member of the Outer Party, and the members of the Outer Party have a similar advantage in comparison with the submerged masses whom we call ’the proles’. The social atmosphere is that of a besieged city, where the possession of a lump of horseflesh makes the difference between wealth and poverty. And at the same time the consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing-over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival.



Brainwashing is not, as some anti-Christian educators and students contend, the Biblical  process of training our children to love and follow God. The word “brainwashing” refers to a planned, step-by-step attempt to “wash” family-taught beliefs from the minds of those who oppose government ideology. In America, it would mean replacing the old Biblical values and world view with a new way of thinking that would support a totalitarian agenda. In other words, every child must become a peace child, a willing and active servant of a new world order.

A massive world-wide partnership is pioneering new strategies for social transformation. The media, the entertainment industry, computer companies, government agencies, educational institutions, the United Nations and its accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have all joined together in a common quest toward a global mind change. They seek solidarity — a worldwide unity based on a new set of beliefs and values.  “Obsolete” and “exclusive” loyalties to national sovereignty, Biblical values, and the unadulterated U.S. Constitution stand in their way.

Conforming the masses to their way of thinking requires all the sophisticated tools and tactics developed at the various “behavioral science research” institutes and “education laboratories” established first in England, then in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, and finally in the United States.  If these psycho-social engineers win their battle against an unsuspecting public, they would “wash” away individual thinking, free speech and all the other “rights” that have made America unique. The vacuum would be filled with lofty ideals, enticing images and deceptive promises designed to mold minds that match their global vision. Group thinking and other controls and “incentives” would enforce compliance. (See Mind Control and The UN Plan for Your Mental Health)

Bombard children with mind-changing suggestions

A familiar tale told to first-graders in Pennsylvania illustrates both the tactics and the planned  transformation of the world. We all know the story of the Little Red Hen who wanted some bread to eat. She asked some of her barnyard friends to help make it. But the cat, the dog, and the goat all said “no.” Finally she did all the work herself. Yet, when the bread was done and its fragrance spread throughout the farm, her unwilling neighbors were more than willing to help her eat it.

“Won’t you share with us?” they begged.

“No,” she answered. “Since you didn’t help, you don’t get anything.”

In the context of traditional values, the moral of the story is: you get what you work for. But those who have learned to think and see from the new global perspective are led to a different conclusion. Listen to the kinds of questions the first grade teacher asked her class:

“Why was the Little Red Hen so stingy? Isn’t it only right that everyone gets to eat? Why wouldn’t she share what she had with some who had none?”[5]

The concerned mother who heard and reported this story asked, “What kinds of values were the children taught?” The new interpretation emphasizes love and sharing, but what is missing?   How might it confuse a child’s values?

The answers are obvious. The children were taught socialist values. The new interpretation vilified values that had motivated Americans to be diligent, responsible and fair. The teacher’s questions were actually strategic suggestions prompting the group to ridicule traditional values, to see reality and society from the new politically correct perspective, and to intimidate and shame anyone who dared to disagree.

A new mental “framework” is vital to this paradigm shift [see chart]. But to launch the new system, the old patterns must be blurred and broken. The educational establishment knows that children who are fed a daily diet of biblical truth will resist their plans for change. They also know that students bombarded with strategic suggestions and idealized pagan images will probably reject Christianity. If schools can build the “right” kind of framework or filter in the minds of children early enough, the new global beliefs will fit right in. In other words, the battle for the hearts and minds of America’s children will be won by the side that first trains children to see reality from its point of view.

This paradigm shift was no mystery to Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World. He wrote that education must provide a mental “framework… within which any piece of information acquired in later life may find its proper and significant place.” [6]

In the old days, that mental framework was the biblical world view. But Huxley, like most of today’s change agents, called for a New Age/global framework. Like a filter, it blocks facts and ideas that don’t fit, but welcomes input that strengthens the framework — especially when communicated through stories and images that stir the imagination and arouse strong feelings.

Focus on feelings, not facts

This shift from factual education to feeling and experiencebased learning began over seventy years ago. Through the decades, the strategies used to manipulate minds in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were developed, first at the Tavistock Clinic near London and later at Germany’s Frankfurt School (originally called Frankfurt Institute for Social Research). Their mind-bending methods soon spread to a rising number of psycho-social research centers in America. They were fine-tuned at Columbia, Harvard, Stanford and other American universities, at our regional educational laboratories [7] and at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies where Elian Gonzales was remediated in preparation for his return to a Communist system. (See Elian Starts Re-Education)

Bob Buford, former head of the Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management and the founder of Leadership Network also taught the new “Christian” leadership methods at the Aspen Institute.

More recently, at the 1989 Governor’s Conference on Education in Kansas, Dr. Shirley McCune, then head of the Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory, summarized the policy in her keynote speech:

“The revolution… in curriculum is that we no longer are teaching facts to children…. We no longer see the teaching of facts and information as the primary outcome of education.”[7]

“What will take the place of logic, fact and analysis in the coming age?” This rhetorical question was raised by Dr. Donald A. Cowan, president emeritus of the University of Dallas. His revealing answer exposes an important step toward the new consensus:

“The central way of thought for this new era will be imagination…. Imagination will be the active, creative agent of culture, transforming brute materials to a higher, more knowable state.” [8]

It’s easy to see why visionary change agents would prefer to inspire the imagination rather than teach facts and logic. Unlike facts and convictions, the imagination can easily be manipulated. Today’s popular books, games and other forms of edutainment bring all kinds of suggestions and images that confuse the old ways of thinking and promote the new values.  They twist facts, turn right and wrong upside down, stir the imagination with unthinkable suggestions, redefine words, and give new meanings to old images such as the Little Red Hen. (See Establishing a Global Spirituality)

Eventually, most students become conditioned to see everything through the new politically correct mental filter. The sight of an old social symbol (i.e. flag) or the sound of an word they have learned to hate (pastor, evil, capitalism, etc.) can now trigger emotional reactions that cannot be resolved with facts and logic.

A simple example of this process was exposed by a Christian teacher in Sunnyvale CA. During a public elementary school assembly, the students sang the words of the Peacemakers’ Planetary Anthem to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner. This melody, which has symbolized freedom to those who have loved America, now became a tactical trigger used to turn hearts from the old ways to the new vision:

O Say can you see by the one light in all

A New Age to embrace at the call of the nations,

Where our children can play in a world without war

Where we stand hand in hand in the grace of creation,

Where the rivers run clean through forests pristine…. 

Inspiring, isn’t it? The mental images behind those words illustrate the “visioning” part of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) as well as Total Quality Management (TQM). Both use the consensus process to create the collective consciousness needed for the new communities and social organizations.

In the classroom, this process of change often begins with planned “visions” that plant vivid but unrealistic goals into children’s minds and emotions.

Next, students must learn to visualize scary images of the current crisis. The crisis is vital to the process. It provides the justification for environmental activism, government control, and unthinkable changes. So, in stark contrast to the lofty ideal in the song above, the students must learn to feel the pain of a dying earth abused by the ruling generation. The colorful classroom manual on global change, Rescue Mission Planet Earth, fits the bill. It is full of scary, sensational pictures and misguided children’s opinions that fire the imagination and fuel anger.

Trained teacher/facilitators turn this anger toward parents and grandparents who must bear the blame for destroying our planet. This is important, because — as in totalitarian countries around the world — children must learn to submit to state-defined values and loyalties — not their parents or traditional values.

In Rescue Mission Planet Earth, page after page of pseudo-science and twisted facts prepare the reader to follow the call to political action on behalf of the United Nations and planet Earth. Unless they know the facts, children and their teachers will have little resistance to the heart-breaking images of dying trees, starving children, abused women and an overcrowded planet drowning in pollution and rising oceans.

As Al Gore wrote in Earth in the Balance, “I strongly urge the establishment of a Mission to Planet Earth, a worldwide monitoring system staffed by children…design to rescue the global environment.”

It’s all part of the plan: create and/or publicize a crisis, vilify the “enemy of the people”, then market the pre-planned global solution to the world — starting with the children. As in the former Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, the school becomes a boot camp for an army of angry and self-righteous rescuers, ready to argue using their feelings, not facts, against anything that opposes their new and narrow idealism. (See third point in Paradigm Shift)

Rescue Mission Planet Earth is nothing less than “the children’s version” of the United Nations’ Agenda 21.  Sponsored by UNESCO and other UN agencies and promoted by the President’s Council on Sustainable Development (see Local Agenda 21), the propaganda-filled children’s book helps create the needed “gap” between inspiring visions and a perceived crisis scary enough to evoke strong feelings, change values and motivate children to government-led social action.

“We have to re-orient education so that we turn out planetary carers (sic),” explained David R. Woollcombe [9], President of Peace Child International and head of the Rescue Mission Planet Earth project. He also serves as Consultant to the Global Vision Corporation,[10] a massive international NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) accredited to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.  Behind the backs of parents around the world, it works to transform the goals, the methods, the leaders, and the process of education. “And that,” continued Mr. Woollcombe,

“…requires, as Agenda 21 said, a re-orientation of education towards sustainable development. It’s a revolution we’re talking about here! It’s going to require new materials, it’s going to require much greater involvement by young people themselves in their own teaching and education, because actually, adults don’t know as much and don’t care as much about the environment as many young people do. And it’s going to require a much better sort of facultative education, where teacher and students together are on this exploratory journey about how you can square the circle between economic growth and prosperity….” [11]

Before you dismiss Global Vision’s power and influence, consider a few of its partners and sponsors. They include UN agencies such as the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the UN Centre for Human Settlements and the UN Centre for Human Rights.

It also includes numerous foundations, environmental groups, educational institutions, and media and corporate giants such as the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Princeton University Centre of International Studies, Columbia University Department of Religion,  Mystic Fire Video, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, The Image Bank, Bell Labs, Robert Muller, Noel Brown, Federico Mayor, Nafis Sadik, Maurice and Hanne Strong (See World Heritage “Protection?”), Gro Harlem Brundtland (Head of The World Health Organization), the Dalai Lama, and movie moguls Bernardo Bertolucci and Martin Scorsese. All have joined their talents and resources in a common pursuit of the global consciousness envisioned by the United Nations.

A “new way of thinking”

In 1994, President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development took a big step toward that global vision. It met with an influential  group of like-minded change agents at the Presidio – the former army base in San Francisco that now houses the Gorbachev Foundation USA and dozens of other UN-related organizations. Its partners  included the UN Environmental Programme, the EPA, the U.S. Departments of Education, Labor, State and Energy, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the American Federation of Teachers, Stanford, Colombia and other major universities, the Sierra Club… and the organizers of the Rescue Mission Planet Earth project.

Their joint report, “Education for Sustainability,” became a model for sustainable education. Quoting David Orr, author of Earth in Mind, it states,

“One result [of formal] education is that students graduate without knowing how to think in whole systems, how to find connections, how to ask big questions, and how to separate the trivial from the important. Now more than ever, however, we need people who think broadly and who understand systems, connections, patterns and root causes.[12] emphasis added

“Root causes” involve far more than ecology. Anything that blocks the general acceptance of the new global ideology is suspect and must be challenged. Traditional beliefs and values rank high on the list of villains to their vision of peace. For example, an international “Declaration on Tolerance,” prepared by UNESCO and signed by its member nations, shows one of the major “root causes:”

  • “Tolerance involves the rejection of dogmatism and absolutism.”
  • “Scientific studies and networking should be undertaken to coordinate the international community’s response to this global challenge, including analysis of root causes and effective countermeasures, as well as research and monitoring...
  • “Promote rational tolerance teaching methods that will address the cultural, social, economic, political and religious sources of intolerance– major roots of violence and exclusion.”  Emphasis added [13]

The earlier statement from Education for Sustainability stressed the “need” for “people who think broadly and who understand systems, connections, patterns and root causes” from a predetermined perspective. This kind of thinking is — and always have been — crucial to brainwashing in totalitarian regimes with a global mission.

A basic goal of UNESCO’s worldwide program for “lifelong learning” was summarized in Our Creative Diversity, the 1995 book-sized report from the UN Commission on Culture and Development. Published by UNESCO, it tells us that,

“The challenge to humanity is to adopt new ways of thinking, new ways of acting, new ways of organizing itself in society, in short, new ways of living.” [14]

This “new way of thinking” has become the standard for mental health in America. (See The UN Plan for Your Mental Health) As head of the Department of Health and Human Services, Donna Shalala helped organize The National Mental Health Services Knowledge Exchange Network. Ponder its definition for mental health:

“Mental health refers to how a person thinks, feels, and acts when faced with life’s situations. It is how people look at themselves, their lives, and the other people in their lives …and explore choices.” [15]

Do you wonder what Dr. Shalala and her network of health planners would consider good thinking? Or bad thinking? This definition doesn’t tell us. But Al Gore’s 1992 best-seller, Earth in the Balance, helps answer the question:

“The fifth major goal of the Global Marshall Plan should be . . . to organize a worldwide education program to promote a more complete understanding of the crisis. In the process, we should actively search for ways to promote a new way of thinking about the current relationship between human civilization and the earth.” [16]

Vice-President Gore was referring to an environmental crisis with psychological overtones. As we pointed out in the article on Al Gore’s Vision of Global Salvation, he has diagnosed our basic social problem in America and suggested a solution:

“…we feel increasingly distant from our roots in the earth…we lost our feeling of connectedness to the rest of nature.”[17]

“The richness and diversity of our religious tradition throughout history is a spiritual resource long ignored by people of faith, who are often afraid to open their minds to teachings first offered outside their own system of belief. But the emergence of a civilization in which knowledge moves freely and almost instantaneously throughout the world has. . . spurred a renewed investigation of the wisdom distilled by all faiths. This panreligious perspective may prove especially important where our global civilization’s responsibility for the earth is concerned.” [18] emphasis added

Al Gore’s “panreligious perspective” has helped lay the foundation for a global environmental ethic. His vision of a “world education program” is nearing reality. It fits right into the United Nations’ education system. This “seamless system” of partnerships and governmental agencies around the world has two main goals:

In other words, people must learn “to look at themselves” as part of the collective society, not as individuals. Their sense of worth must be based on participation in the community and compliance with the new ideology, not on individual beliefs or independent choices. A continual barrage of classroom “assessments” and surveys must test and track how children and their parents think, “explore choices” and draw conclusions.

To win this battle for the minds of the world, the United Nations and its powerful partners have agreed to put aside integrity and employ any possible means to reach their end. But they must still must operate according to guidelines that demand, at least, a perception of the consent of the masses. Therefore, the means to their end must be both subtle and deceptive, employing all the skills and strategies proven successful in the totalitarian countries of the 20th century. Al Gore summarized the attitude behind this global agenda well:

“Adopting a central organizing principle – one agreed to voluntarily – means embarking on an all-out effort to use every policy and program, every law and institution, every treaty and alliance, every tactic and strategy, every plan and course of action – to use, in short, every means to halt the destruction of the environment. . . . Minor shifts in policy, moderate improvement in laws and regulations, rhetoric offered in lieu of genuine change—these are all forms of appeasement, designed to satisfy the public’s desire to believe that sacrifice, struggle and a wrenching transformation of society will not be necessary.” [19] Emphasis added

Our leaders have already shown us that Al Gore’s words, “every tactic and strategy…” includes compromise, lies, deception, and propaganda. Where Biblical values have been dismissed as obsolete, these tactics seem are perfectly acceptable to those who lead this spiritual and psychological war for control of the masses. The UN, with help from the Clinton-Gore administration, have already re-invented the concept of government. Its new global management system would be based on its principle of sustainable development or rather, the 3 E’s: Environment, Economy and Equity. It means using a grossly exaggerated view of the environmental “crisis” to re-educate the masses, persuading them to accept totalitarian tactics for redistributing the world’s economic resources and creating socialist equality. (See Local Agenda 21- The U.N. Plan for Your Community).

Take a look at the envisioned world of the 21st century:

 Beliefs  Based on Bible  Blend of New Age & earth-centered religions
 Culture  Western individualism  Global solidarity
 Values  Based on the Bible

(absolute, unchangeable truth)

 Based on human idealism

(easy to manipulate)

 Morals  Moral boundaries   Sensual freedom
 Rights   Personal freedom   Social controls
 Economy  Free enterprise  Socialist collective
 Government  By the people  By those who control
the masses

The masses would be controlled through the Hegelian dialectic (consensus) process by globalist leaders who would view the world through the new filter of globalism. Polls, propaganda, simple slogans, and continual conflicts would be essential to its success. In fact, the greater the perceived crisis, the faster the leader can assume the coveted political powers that true freedom forbids. President Clinton has already mastered these totalitarian strategies, as Mikhail Gorbachev suggested in a 1993 editorial:

“Bill Clinton will be a great president if he can make America the creator of a new world order based on consensus.”[20]

Remember, consensus demands a felt crisis, and today’s moral crisis — created by trading moral boundaries for sensual freedom — serves the purpose well. The absence of absolute boundaries leads to social chaos which, in turn, calls for social controls that would have been unthinkable under the old paradigm. In other words, the official promotion of sensual indulgence serves a political purpose.  Aldous Huxley summarized it well in Brave New World:

“As political and economic freedom… diminishes, sexual freedom tends compensatingly to increase. And the dictator… will do well to encourage that freedom.       In conjunction with the freedom to daydream under the influence of dope, movies and the radio, it will help to reconcile his subjects to the servitude.”[21]

Psalm 2 fit our times:

Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing?

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together,

Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,

“Let us break Their bonds in pieces and cast away Their cords from us.”

He who sits in the heavens shall laugh….  

Then He shall speak to them in His wrath 

And distress them in His deep displeasure:

“Yet I have set My King on My holy hill of Zion.” ….

Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him.


Ecumenism and New World Order

Let us first consider what is meant by the word “Ecumenical” or “Ecumenism.”  Few examine its true meaning; most assume that it is about mutual love and union amongst professing Christian churches and believers.  Yet the word is derived from the Greek word “oikoumene” which means “world” or “earth” in English.  Thus we see that the Ecumenical Movement is a “world” movement.  It is about creating a one-world government and religion, and is another version of the New World Order of the Occult.  Just like with Freemasonry, and the New Age, the ordinary followers of the Ecumenical Movement have no idea of the movement’s true aims and sinister connections.  It is dressed up in a façade of Christianity, so as to deceive.

The Ecumenical Movement in reality seeks the union of all religions, and not only Christian denominations.  A current example of this is the European Union’s “Soul for Europe” project.  The idea that all religions, including Christianity each have an element of the truth, originated with Gnosticism, and has since been carried forward by Freemasonry.  Like all of the most insidious errors, they are based on a half-truth.  As we have shown, in previous chapters the occult religions, Paganism, Islam, Romanism, and Eastern Mysticism are all ultimately derived from the religion of Babylon.  They therefore have a spiritual basis for unity, but this is to be found in the false religion of Nimrod and the Mysteries.  The union spoken of by the Ecumenical Movement is not one in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Globalism in the USA

A number of authors trace the current movement for a global government and a single world religion to illuminated Freemasonry.  We have looked at how European and American Freemasonry united under Pike and Mazzini in 1870.  Since this time illuminized Freemasonry has grown considerably in influence within the USA.  Its control is not open, for that would alarm the population at large, but is exercised behind the scenes.  One method is through Masonic connections; for example, most US presidents or their vice-presidents have been Freemasons.  Another powerful method is through endowed formulations, which have been set up by wealthy industrialists who were key figures in the Occult.  These foundations have shaped much of US education and social policies [social programming/mind control] and have consistently provided the advisors and key officials to the US administration.  The foremost of these is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  Another key organisation is the Federal Reserve System founded in 1913, contrary to popular opinion it is not a state owned bank that controls the US dollar.  It is in fact a privately owned bank, largely controlled by illuminated Freemasonry.

Thus the heart of the US economy and administration is linked to the Occult and Freemasonry.  These measures have been brought in step by step.  Those congressmen who have sought to expose the undermining of US democracy have been shut out of the media; for indeed these same interests have also gained control of the media.  A number of key campaigners within Congress against globalism have also died in strange circumstances, just as they were exposing the power and influence of the secret societies.

The US people elect presidents and congressmen, but behind the scenes the policies of globalism are subtly advanced, regardless of who is in power.  However, the main hindrance to their purposes is the US constitution; which the globalists would dearly love to amend to their advantage.

It is of note that the Masonic promoters of globalism at the end of the 19th Century were linked to associates of Westcott, Hort and Blavatsky.  There was a network of occultists in high places, including senior Anglicans and Balfour, the British prime minister.  After the major success for the Occult in the formation of the Federal Reserve, the next enterprise was too ambitious. This was the formation of the League of Nations in New York after the First World War, as a prototype world government. However, the US Congress rejected membership; the absence of the USA and the growing contempt shown by Fascist regimes in Europe led to the downfall of the League of Nations.  This is another example of how the different proponents of the New World Order have opposed and fought each other.  In this we can trace the Lord’s sovereign hand.  He has in mercy set bounds upon Satan and his agents.  The Lord often preserves his people and the cause of the Gospel by turning the counsels of the ungodly into confusion.  However we shall say more of this at the end of the next chapter.

Following the defeat of Hitler in 1945, a further attempt at a prototype world government, in the form of the United Nations.  Finance and support for the creation of the United Nations in New York was provided by leading Masonic figures.  The United Nations has ever since been significantly influenced by globalism and the Occult.

Kah exposes a series of interlinked organisations, such as the Club of Rome and the Bilderbergers, that stem from illuminized Freemasonry.  These span many nations, and each has its specific world region in which to pursue the globalist agenda.  Through the power of international banks, multinational corporations and non-government organisations, the sovereignty of nations has been weakened and their leaders constrained to follow the globalist agenda.  The overall plan involves dividing the world into ten regions.  This exactly reflects the ancient plan stemming from the Mysteries to recreate the system of ten kingdoms of the legendary Atlantis.  As we noted, it is an attempt to recreate that evil society that the Lord destroyed in the Flood recorded in Genesis.

The New Age

Alongside the growth in political and financial power of globalism, there was a steady promotion of occult teaching.  Key organisations in this were Freemasonry and Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society.  In about 1920, Alice Bailey, one of Blavatsky’s successors, established the “Lucifer Press” to promote the blasphemous worship of Lucifer, the supposed enlightener of mankind.  In the wake of public scandal, it was later renamed to the less obvious “Lucis Trust”.  Kah reveals that the Lucis Trust has now achieved significant influence within the US government and the United Nations.

It is from the interlinked occult organisations of Theosophy and Freemasonry that the New Age movement appeared in the late 1970s.  Despite the name there is nothing new in its teaching, but it is a relaunching of the Occult, witchcraft and Eastern mysticism under an appealing name.  The concept of the New Age comes from Freemasonry.  This is best exemplified by the 33rd Degree Masons’ publication entitled the “New Age Magazine.”  Again, the name of this publication has since been changed, so a to conceal the connection between Freemasonry and the New Age.

A key feature of the movement is the belief that the coming of the new millennium would usher in the “New Age.”   Much of the current pressure to change the established order of the new millennium is a device to make people believe that change must be for the better, and thereby be willing to accept the New World Order.

The god of the New Age (i.e. Lucifer) is the supposed illuminator of mankind, and is taught to be a “force” that can be used for good or evil.  Lucifer is regarded as having a dark and a light side.  Therefore, the contrast of black and white forms a common theme for secret symbols of the New Age.

Within the New Age Movement it is believed that man can communicate and draw power from the spirit world, and step outside the limitations of the human body.  The New Age is seen as a step in man’s evolutionary development towards mastering the spiritual dimension.  The greatest spiritual power is seen as being available when mankind around the world is united and one with nature.  New Age teaching denies a personal and sovereign God.  Man is not accountable, and there is no ultimate arbiter of what is right or wrong, apart from oneself; for it is believed, like in Freemasonry, that man can become god.

Altered States of Consciousness

The New Age Movement displays one of the prime features of the Occult, namely, entering into what are termed “altered states of consciousness.”  This is the means by which communication is made with the spirit world and the full power of the “force” becomes available.  It goes without saying that this is witchcraft and necromancy (dealing with the dead), a terrible sin in God’s sight.  We must briefly, yet carefully, consider how these altered states of consciousness are attained to.  It is shocking to find that these methods appear in everyday life today, disguised as supposedly innocent activities.

Firstly, there are various forms of meditation.  In these the mind is emptied and made pliable to receive communication from seducing spirits.  In Transcendental Meditation a mantra may be repeated in Sanskrit to “the shining one” or Lucifer.  Many of these and other forms of meditation, such as Yoga, are put forward as harmless and not religious.  However, one only has to read Hunt to find terrifying accounts of demonic possessions that has arisen from Transcendental Meditation.  Many have been led by seducing spirits into committing suicide, who have suggested to their victims that it is time for them to enter into the next stage of their evolution upwards into a higher plain of development.  This is the basis for the famous mass suicides of various cults.  The prevalence of the occult form of meditation, rather than the Christian meditation on the Lord Jesus Christ and the blessed works of God, is alarmingly common today.

Another method of entering an altered state of consciousness is hypnosis.  Both hypnosis and meditation in different guises are used in alternative medicine.  Hypnosis is very dangerous, as it is a technique by which others can be influenced and made susceptible to the power of seducing spirits.  We have mentioned on several occasions the connection between the Jesuits and this type of occult practice; Loyola being a master in these black arts.  There is evidence that these techniques were used by Hitler to gain the remarkable influence he held over people.  The hand of the Jesuits in spiritism, Voodoo, hypnosis and psychology is a frightening example of the powers of darkness in positions of authority within the Church of Rome.

Rhythmic drumming, a feature of many tribal acts of occult worship and witchcraft, is another means of entering an altered state of consciousness.  Rock music has widely introduced this to countless millions of people today.  Closely related to this are the use of drugs to achieve an altered state of consciousness.  Pop music, drugs and meditation are an everyday feature of our evil generation, and are linked to the New Age Movement.

Let us consider the remarkable effect and hold that the television has over people.  The combination of colour pictures, sounds and background music all combine to transfix the view.  The television essentially uses the principles of hypnosis.  It also bears more than a passing resemblance to the use of sound and lights in the ceremonies of the Mysteries and the Jesuit initiation of the Spiritual Exercises.  It is therefore no surprise to find that Rome and the Jesuits have extensive influence over the media and television.  Likewise, Kah reports extensive control of the media by the Masonic advocates of the New World Order.  Therefore, Christians are strongly advised to rid their homes of the television.  It brings spiritual deadness into the soul and is a means of subtly introducing into the family error and a delight for sin.  Likewise, the greatest caution is needed when permitting computers or the internet into the home.  Many, both young and old, are snared with fruitless time-wasting searches, whilst others are caught up with the unspeakable filth that is readily available on the internet at the click of a button.


The New Age principle of striving to attain a new higher spiritual development is connected to the Theory of Evolution.  Both are derived from the doctrine of reincarnation of Eastern Mysticism.  The advancement of the scientifically absurd Theory of Evolution, and the systematic silencing of almost all reasoned objections against it, are signs of the power of the New Age, and indeed before it, of illuminated Freemasonry.  Thus we see this God-dishonouring theory is straight from the Occult; it is another attack on the Genesis account of creation and the fall of man.  It is also no coincidence that the Pope likewise advocates the Theory of Evolution.

One of the proponents of Evolution in the 20th century is also regarded as a key figure in setting forth New Age thinking.  This man was Teilhard de Chardin.  His methods were far from honest, as he was closely associated with the fraudulent discovery and promotion of the Piltdown Man, a supposed ancestor of man.  This faked set of bones was instrumental in advancing Evolution to an almost unassailable position in public education and science.  Nevertheless, a generation later it was revealed as a hoax, yet the theory it supported has remained a dogma within society.  Yet who was Teilhard de Chardin, a philosopher much beloved of the New Age?  Let the reader note that Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit priest!

Another aspect of New Age teaching is the belief in the oneness of nature, of which humans are part.  This concept of unity with nature is expressed in the worship of Gaia, who is the “Mother Goddess” or “Mother Earth”.  Gaia is yet another form of Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod.  From this stems a worship of the creation, rather than the Creator, and a religious zeal to preserve nature.  Hence, it is no surprise to find that the Green Movement is linked to the New Age.  Although many of the environmental causes are just, the connections with the Occult mean that Christians are well advised to avoid the Green Movement.

Alternative Medicine and the Occult

A further belief of the New Age and the Occult is that mysterious and non-physical forces can be manipulated to effect healing.  This is seen today is holistic medicine (“holistic” refers to the treatment of the whole person: mind, body and spirit).  Examples of holistic medicine are homeopathy, reflexology and crystal healing.  Hunt says, “We can only recommend the trend towards better nutrition and away from the over-subscription of drugs.  However, through its reliance upon the mysterious, non-physical forces for holistic purposes, Western health care has been invaded by the Occult.

The author has no objection to traditional and well-tested herbal remedies, when used under medical direction and advice.  However, the reader should be warned that behind many branches of alternative medicine lie the principles of Transcendental Meditation and reliance on the spirit world for healing.  Hunt quotes advocates of holistic medicine, who openly state that it is a modern form of witchcraft.

Many readers may be shocked by the reference above to the popular practice of homeopathy.  Despite the belief by many Christians that homeopathy is benign, an examination of its origins show it to be yet another example of how the Occult puts forward a pleasing façade to deceive the unwary.  The founder of homeopathy was the German mystic physician Hahnemann.  Hahnemann was a Freemason and deeply influenced by the Occult, including the techniques of Mesmer, the founder of mesmerism and hypnosis.  Hahnemann lived between 1755 and 1843; thus making him a contemporary of Weishaupt.

Let us be clear, homeopathy is quite distinct from herbal medicine.  In homeopathy the ingredient is repeatedly diluted, until no molecule of the original agent remains.  The process of dilution and shaking of homeopathic medicines is referred to by Hahnemann as the “ritual of potentiation”.  Hahnemann said of this: “The healing power is coming from cosmic power transferred to the remedy through the ritual of potentiation.”  This “power” is also called the “vital force,” which is a supposedly divine and living force existing in all creation.  This manipulation of the “force” is straight from occult philosophy.  Therefore, it is no surprise that homeopathy forms part of the New Age movement.

It is important to realise that the promotion of “Heath Foods” and natural remedies is frequently used as an entry point for the Occult and the New Age Movement.  The unsuspecting Christian or unbeliever may be lured into something plausible and seemingly harmless.  Many are justifiably unhappy with the abuses of modern medicine and the unhealthy aspects of modern eating habits.  However, behind the pleasing façade lies the Luciferian doctrine of the Occult.  Step by step people are led deeper into these dark teachings.  Christians are solemnly warned to “have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

Destruction of the Family

From the earliest days, the Biblical principle of marriage and the family established in the Garden of Eden has been under attack from the Babylonian Mysteries.  The gross immorality of the Mysteries and the Occult strike at the sanctity of marriage.  New Age teaching has introduced countless young people into immoral and unseemly relationships.  Kah and others have traced the perversion and manipulation of the education system, so as to influence children and teachers, back to the forces of globalism and Freemasonry.

The destruction of the family was proposed by Plato in his Communist Republic of ancient Greece.  Generally there have been few in recent generations who have been so bold as Plato.  However, in the 20th century there has been remorseless underhand pressure to separate parents from their children, so as to replace the scriptural responsibility of married parents with the responsibility of the state for bringing up children.  This is primarily achieved through pressuring mothers into work, which in turn is assisted by enticing young people into debt and expensive lifestyles before they have children.  Thus many married couples are unprepared to bring up children on the father’s income alone.  This is backed up by the state encouraging parents to give up children at an ever earlier age for pre-school groups and nurseries.  Thus the child’s bond to its parents is weakened in its formative years.

At the other end of schooling, young people are increasingly pushed into extended periods of further education, rather than going into work.  The temptation for loose living and getting into dept then ensnare many students. Let us note the similarity with the Jesuits of Poland, who kept children in education as long as possible, so they could best mould their young minds.  May Christians search their Bibles and seek to find grace to walk in God’s commands, rather than bowing to the fashions and pressures of this present evil generation.

Rome’s Links to the New Age

We now come towards the end of this chapter and would seek to conclude with the common thread that runs through the Ecumenical Movement and the New Age; namely, the links with the Church of Rome and the Jesuits.  We will firstly note that many leading figures in the USA connected with illuminized Freemasonry and the New Age mentioned by Kah and Still, are also named quite independently by Manhattan in his investigation into the enormous influence of the Vatican.  This should come as no surprise given the role of the Jesuits behind the Illuminati.  Secondly we will briefly mention another common denominator, namely the Charismatic Movement.

One of the principal bridges in the last 40 years between the Church of Rome and Protestant denominations has been the Charismatic Movement.  This is because the same supposed gifts of the Spirit have appeared across the religious divide.  Many have seen this as a sign that God is working in both, and is calling for union.  However, Rivera states that the Charismatic Movement has been a device of the Jesuits to undermine Protestant churches and to bring about union with Rome.  Rivera also concludes that the power of the Charismatic healers in the Church of Rome are using the “force” of the Occult.  One prime example is Kathryn Kuhlman, who has been widely revered by professing Christians.  However, she was both a hypnotist and a secret agent of the Church of Rome.

Hunt provides independent evidence of the similarities between the teaching and practices of many of the current American Charismatic leaders and the New Age.  De Semlyen and Riplinger also show that the Church of Rome has common links to the Ecumenical, New Age and Charismatic Movements.  Apart from direct claims of infiltration by Rome and the Jesuits, there are many signs that these movements have a common direction, which is to raise the Pope to be the head of a world religion.

Further independent confirmation is provided by Cathy O’Brien, who gives an eyewitness testimony of the Jesuits’ hand in attempts to implement the evil principles of the New World Order in the USA.  Having been brought up as a Romanist, she gives an extremely disturbing account of how she was manipulated by techniques of mind control for the vile gratification of those in positions of power.  She gives numerous references to the influence of the Jesuits.

In response to this tide of evil, let us turn to the word of God in the Bible as our infallible guide.  The errors of the New Age and the Charismatic Movement involve trusting in experiences of mysterious spiritual forces, without trying the spirits against the testimony of God.  However, we must beware which “Bible” we turn to.  Riplinger concludes that all the modern versions are biased (to a greater or lesser degree) towards New Age teaching, being corrupted with the leaven of Westcott and Hort.  They systematically undermine the doctrine of the Trinity and the deity of Jesus Christ.  Rome likewise has its hand in these Ecumenical versions of the Bible.

The ultimate aim is a “Bible” for the New Age, so that when professed Christians read these perverted Bibles, they will be led to think they are being faithful to God; whereas in reality they are led to follow the Pope and the New Age religion of Lucifer.  As with the Babylonian Mysteries, Satan and God will have been subtly and blasphemously interchanged.  Let us therefore hold fast to the faithful Authorised Version of the Bible, which makes plain the destruction of Lucifer and truly glorifies Jesus Christ as the eternal son of God.


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